Zachary Alexander Bagans aka Zak Bagans is an American paranormal investigator, actor, tv personality, and author. That is recognized for his mirrors Ghost Adventures, fatal Possessions, and also others. Zak is not simply interested in ghosts, yet tattoos together well.

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Zak Bagans is a tattoo lover person. He has inked around 7 miscellaneous tattoos in his body and all of his tattoos bring different messages. Plus due to the fact that Zak Bagans’ network worth is approximated at $30 million, he surely have the right to get everything he wants. He is currently dating beautiful actress Holly Madison.

Zak Bagans’ Tattoo Behind His Neck and also On His appropriate Index Finger

The tattoo that he has actually inked behind his neck is the symbol of the fight of god and also demons the he faced on his examination on Poveglia Island, Italy (2009). The tattoo is actually concerned Ghost Adventures’ investigation of the haunted island, near Venice, Italy.


Zak Bagans’ angel and also demons symbol tattoo behind his neck. Image Source: Pinterest.

Furthermore, he has got a small crossed tattoo on his appropriate index finger. The cross tattoo style refers come ‘Axis Mundi’ or the facility of the universe around which whatever revolves. However, in Christianity, the cross authorize represents Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

Meaning that Zak Bagans’ Tattoos top top His Arms

In his ideal arm, Zak has actually tattooed a Celtic cross which also carries a deep meaning. Actually, Celtic overcome tattoo design way the meeting location of magnificent energies. Celtic cross is linked with the god, beliefs, religion and also this cross represents every little thing that comes through beliefs. Zak Bagans is a god believer human so that is fond the the cross indications in his body.


Zak Bagans’ celtic overcome tattoo ~ above his arm.Image source: Wattpad.

On his appropriate arm, he has actually an intricated Aries symbol. Aries price carries the an interpretation of independence. A human being who has an Aries symbol tattoo way that they want to portray themselves as an independent, spontaneous, uncomplicated, courageous, and outgoing person in front of other people.

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Zak Bagans has actually tattooed one of the German quotes from Bram Stoker‘s “Dracula” novel in his within arm. The quote goes favor “Denn dice Todten reiten Schnell” aka “for the dead travel fast,” which way not just the dead break the boundary of the eternal separation between the living and the dead, but breaking the boundary through the regulation physical legislations of motion and metaphysical understanding of identity. Well, he has actually shared his tattoo snapshot through his Instagram profile.