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I’ve gained a 2012 115 Yamaha four stroke. Crank, no start.No spark, no voltage going to the coil packs once cranking. Engine transforms over just fine. The engine periodically took 15-20 secs of cranking before it finally started, prior to it failed. Over there is 12 volts going come the entire fuse panel. Fuel pump is working, just don’t understand the pressure. I’m guessing part sensor has failed and the computer system is pulling spark. Anyone have any kind of ideas? thank you in advance!
Check your emergency stop switch aka death switch prior to doing something else! You deserve to temporarily bypass it. You’ll likewise want to verify you nothing have any wires pinched/broken/corroded, check watercraft harness and engine harness.
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^^ ill physically check the killswitch. Ns assumed i was ok since I to be still acquiring voltage come the fuse panel.
Check every one of it thoroughly, it’s commonly something simple! I have the right to walk you through additional diagnostics if needed, providing you know exactly how to usage a multi meter.

Kill switch was the an initial thing that popped in mine mind also. Had to change mine twice in 3 years on my old sport Craft

Voltage v your kill switch has actually nothing to carry out with your fuse dashboard (or anything else - all a death switch walk is shut off strength to ignition. Your kill switch could be negative - but it"s only one of a fair variety of things that deserve to keep friend from getting spark to your motor.... Consisting of a error in your wiring harness, a fault in her ignition switch, and none the that even mentions faults inside your cowling that can prevent or ground out your ignition system... For me, the fun part was when I realized that I could find and fix a trouble - yet it would take me 5 times as long as a pro will take (that"s what you pay for...). The other component of the transaction is that a pro might just find and fix something else - prior to it leaves you stranded somewhere....
Two wire death switch 0 volts once kill switch an essential is no inserted.12 volts when kill switch crucial is inserted. What would certainly y’all perform next? Continuity examine from kill switch to engine?
After verifying there room no division or shorted to ground wires in both the boat side and engine harness her gonna need to check the crank sensor and also charge coil.

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It’s always the easiest issue! fee the battery and also cleaned up every the connections on the starting battery and also now every is well.