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a game by Yuke"s Co. Ltd.
Platforms: XBox 360, playstation 3, game stations 2
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 12 votes
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WWE SmackDown vs. Life 2008 very first arrived come the PS2 top top November 2007 as the follower to the previous year’s entry in the SVR series. The was developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ. V core transforms to the grappling mechanics, the enhancement of the ECW roster because that the an initial time ever, and also a new 24/7 Mode, this to be a large entry into the series.

Get a Grip

By 2007, the SVR collection was looking to make the game an ext accessible to new and old football player alike. One of the means they did so to be by simple the pole moves and also button presses the performed the wrestles moves. In ahead iterations, this to be done using a combination of optimal shoulder and also face button pressing. The new streamlined style had all the moves relocated to the best stick, definition you deserve to pull that Pedigree finisher as Triple H that much easier.


Extreme Changes

With the brand-new roster that ECW superstars introduced on top of the Raw, Smackdown, and WWE Legends; the roster total ends increase being around 50 complete wrestlers to choose between. If this have the right to be thought about one the the smaller sized rosters in the SVR series, it need to still carry a lot of your favorites. In addition to the ECW roster, fans to be treated to a new mode: the ECW extreme Rules Match. This setting will have actually you pass the ache on your adversary as girlfriend fight in all locations of the arena, even in the crowd.

Keeping with video game modes, you might notification that the Season and also GM modes from ahead years are missing. That’s since they have actually been combined into a solitary mode dubbed 24/7. In this mode, you’ll determined whether to emphasis on the GM portion – developing story lines, events, and managing superstars – or the Superstar next – either picking or producing your very own Superstar to become a Legend. The GM setting does what it’s supposed to execute well, yet you might run into concerns with the Superstar portion of 24/7. In this mode you’ll it is in training before matches, taking component in promos, and winning belts throughout your pursuit to end up being a Legend. However, this mode is quite repetitive and can lead to a pretty jarring story-telling experience. Cut scenes make small to no feeling with them be play often enough to wherein you wonder why Yuke’s no decide to emphasis on an ext variety.


Choose her Fighter Style

New come the series in 2008, they’ve added distinct fighting formats for every Superstar. Guiding how you’ll move and fight through a Superstar, fighting styles carry a fun brand-new aspect come the SVR series. Native fighting layouts such as Brawler wherein you will certainly fight greatly with fists, come the Showman – that you have the right to excite the crowd and also steal their opponents finishing move. This styles include both major and an additional abilities that include a an excellent bit of selection to the gameplay.

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Overall, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 to be a good late entry right into the PS2-era the the SVR series. While not taken into consideration the ideal by critics and fans, it still managed to introduce brand-new ECW superstar while providing fans part interesting new mechanics come play in ~ the game.


Exciting, highflying wrestling action Addition of the ECW roster, game modes, and locationsNew fighting formats are a many funFast loading times


Smaller roster 보다 previous yearsNo ability to beat online through PS2 versionSeason setting is recurring