I have a 14 month old that eats a snack double a day. She usually has actually fruit, yogurt, cheese & whole grain crackers, etc. Come curb the high-quality I want to fill some applesauce, peaches, & combined fruit to take with us. Ns don"t psychic buying her a banana or two while we"re there (we"re remaining 8 days), however it will be as well expensive come buy every one of her snacks if there. Mine husband is afraid the air pressure from the plane will cause the packaged fruit cup & applesauce to explode. Has actually anyone competent this?
We"ve never ever had any type of issues with that stuff exploding in our confirm bags. I always pack that in a huge ziploc bag though to be on the for sure side. Definitely helps to reduced down costs with tiny ones! for something choose crackers or cereal, I put it in those twisted n go Ziploc containers- or castle may end up crumbs!


The just thing I had blow up to be a bag that pretzels...Definately put them in a ziplock bag to be on the safe side (which you will should do still if friend are putting them in her carryon)

It looks come me like you room talking around checked luggage, but the PP discussed the carryon. You re welcome be advised the you will not be permitted to take it applesauce and also yogurt through security in a carryon. If you want to take it such points on board the plane with you, you"d need to buy lock in the airport once you happen security.

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Yes, I"m talking about the confirm luggage. If it to be the carry-on, I most likely wouldn"t be worried too much (at the very least I would recognize it wasn"t slung around and jostled together much; that would just be the air pressure to worry about causing the packages to explode). I"ll double bag everything and take my chances that the fruit cups make it. Thanks for everyone"s help.

I carried a suitcase full of box goods and also food items consisting of fruitcups and also applesauce on my last trip to stock up my Owner"s Locker. Nothing leaked.
Yes fill your food in Ziplocks yet this is only incase lock break open from gaining thrown around. There is no pressure distinction in the cargo matches the main cabin. The aircraft does pressurize above 12,000 feet but insignificant to do something explode.
Another choice to consider....There space online grocery stores that would supply food come the resort.If you"re not in search of perishables (which the sounds choose you aren"t) inspect out Amazon"s grocery store store--they"ll generally supply for free.That way you"ll have the ability to just pick it up when you check in and also not have to worry around it in her suitcases at all.

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I think it will be yes sir if you placed it in a ziploc, just in case. Yet - if you room really pertained to - you can always put the individual containers the applesauce, and so on inside socks. Just roll the socks approximately it and also you have instant padding. Or, you can pack the 6 package (or every little thing size) inside rolled up towels, etc..or if girlfriend save big kleenex boxes, stick lock in there, v some socks around it. Just make certain that other cushy is packed around it and also that every little thing is in a ziploc and it should be well
I mean you could always pack it inside a rubbermaid container or among the quart sized tupperwares (maybe ridge them?) and also then use the tupperwares to store pretzels fresh, if you bought bags the snacks.