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The s-10 lug sample is 5X4.75. Michelin tire room okay. The 5 lug universal lug might or may not fit. Universal typically is only two to adjust of lug patterns. It can be ford 5 lug and also chevy 5 lug. But that doesnt median they will fit. Ford is like 5X135 i believe and larger chevy pick-ups and vans space 5X5 therefore the rim would certainly fit those and not her s-10. And remember to make sure they room for rwd vehicles. The s-10 normally requires roughly 4.5" bs to fit right. Great luck.
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Whats the difference between fwd car wheels and also rwd wheels? therefore the rims it is I uncovered that to speak "Fits 5x4.5" and 5x5" bolt patterns" no fit top top my truck right? and also the Alba edge i"m thinking are for fwd, for this reason those wouldent work either?
The FWD wheels room not designed because that RWD vehicles. The s-10 lug sample is 5X4.75 -wu501And a p255/55/r18 can be to big on a 2/3 spindle-block autumn X in the front (U can rub huge time) top top the behind it might work..Do part homework bro ! Look at the wheel forum here and also go to and also look at what you can do for starters...
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