Why is Microbiology necessary to the dental assistant?

posted on January 27, 2020 by Bell Harbour Dental


If girlfriend haven’t heard, in Seattle there is right now a high need for positions in the field of dentistry. Over there is an especially strong require for dentist assistants; who administer essential services and support come both patients and practitioners.

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For those considering a career in dental assisting and also for our patients who room curious around the requirements of a dental assistants’ training, we have prepared this blog for you: Why is Microbiology important to the dentist assistant? Let’s begin with a quick description of the duties of a dental assistant.

Who is a dental assistant and what carry out they do?

Dental aides are essential and an useful members of a dental team. Their work require a broad set of skills: technical, administrative, person relations and more. Dental aides will find themselves in a fast-paced people that areas high need on performance whilst maintaining an acute state that presence and also awareness. Here are few of the duties you will find dental assistants performing in ~ Bell Harbour Dental:

Receiving and welcoming patientsTalking with patients and taking their medical historyPreparing the examination areasTaking dentist images and also x-raysRecording notes because that the doctorsTaking and pouring dental impressionsPreparing patients for surgeryCleaning increase after proceduresSupporting doctors by preparing and also providing the suitable toolsPerforming polishing and applying sealantSterilizing instruments and operatories before and also after each useand more!

So, why is microbiology necessary to the dental assistant?

A dentist office is a an are where we are working directly with patients’ health. The is absolutely imperative the our space, staff and dental tools remain sterile and safe. Whether a patient reflects up healthy, in the contagious stages of Influenza, or is a carrier of HIV AIDS – there are strict methods in place that avoid the spreading of contagious diseases and anything that is possibly threatening to human health.

Microbiology is the research of microorganisms that room too small to it is in seen through the naked eye. Many of this microorganisms space responsible because that a majority of the diseases that threaten and affect humans. Some examples of this are: parasites, harmful bacteria and viruses. The study of microbiology can include immunology: the examine of the body’s capability to mount defenses versus infectious microbes.

Dental aides need come know just how these mechanisms work in order to stop the spread out of viruses and also diseases. They require to understand the importance of washing their hands, attract protective gear and the mechanisms by which microorganisms spread. Dental assistants are additionally responsible for the sterilization of all of the dental instruments and also dental operatories in i m sorry patients are seen. Infections can spread if these roles are not correctly performed.

It is not necessarily a dental assistants’ role to conduct research study on uni-cellular or cell-cluster organisms. Back in a dental office, an expertise of microbiology is still imperative to the functions that are responsible for keeping a sterile, safe and also healthy environment.

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