There’s this typical line of thinking that rodents are inherently smelly creatures – including hamsters. Many civilization would love to own a hamster yet worry around a possible smell that could make your living room less enjoyable. We’ve conducted our very own research and also applied personal experience to deal with this concern.

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Hamsters execute not have actually a negative smell. They are actually an extremely clean creatures that hate to be dirty and also will clean themselves for as long as they space able. Hamster cages, however, are an additional subject entirely and are much more prone come stinking up the ar than the hamster itself.

You without doubt want come make sure that her hamster and also their cage space clean and also smell great. Continue reading come learn just how to control exactly that, as well as learn what you need to do if your hamster is suddenly exhibiting a funky odor.

How deserve to I save My Hamster smell Great?

When it pertains to the hamster’s body staying clean and also fresh, the hamster will execute a the majority of the occupational themselves. These animals are not dirty creatures, together they place a most importance ~ above cleanliness. You’ll often see her hamster to organize his or herself in their cage. They’ll use their paws or their nails to self-groom, though some will perform this more avidly than others.

Self-grooming is the many effective and safest technique of grooming for hamsters. Their fur and skin contain valuable oils that should protect and insulate their bodies. Self-grooming doesn’t piece away these oils choose a bath in water would certainly do. In fact, that is never recommended to offer your hamster a bathtub in water, also a shallow amount of it.

Sand baths space a good way to facilitate a clean and happy hamster. Sand baths room one means that wild hamsters store themselves clean, for this reason in act this girlfriend are also helping them continue to be in song with their organic instincts. This helps to keep their skin and fur clean there is no the use of water, and additionally helps come disperse the herbal oils on your bodies.

So, the not really likely the your hamster will certainly be a stinky animal. The lot bigger issue at your disposal is the cage the they live in and also how fine it is maintained.


What need to I execute if my Hamster has Something Smelly on it?

Let’s say that your hamster has obtained into something stinky throughout their last an excellent escape. Or, perhaps, they have simply end up being unable to effectively treatment for their own grooming needs as result of age or illness. Just because a hamster will desire to be clean at every times, doesn’t mean that this is always what happens.

You obviously can not let them continue to be covered in miscellaneous foul-smelling, so what’s a involved hamster owner to do?

Ideally, a hamster owner in such a situation will not use water in any form to clean your hamster. In many cases, a fine-toothed pets brush designed for tiny mammals choose hamsters have the right to rid the fur of undesirable debris. Hamsters are delicate to coming to be sick when also the slightest bit wet, so stop using water no matter exactly how tempting it might be.

Long-haired Syrian hamsters experience waste obtaining trapped in your fur much more often than dwarf hamsters. This is, of course, as result of the size of your fur. Some hamster owners have had to resort to very closely trimming the fur if a brush is not sufficient to eliminate the problem.

Now, let’s say the your hamster has actually no debris in their fur that could influence their smell. This means that the cause is likely centered in their usual environment: their cage. Do a deep and thorough clean of your cage and you’re tied to notice a far-ranging improvement.

How perform I keep a Hamster Cage complimentary of Odor?


Their cage is whereby your hamster will live out many of his or her life. This is where they will urinate, defecate, eat and play the vast majority of the time, for this reason you deserve to expect some foulness. No issue the type of bedding girlfriend use, hamster cages have to be routinely cleaned to ensure a healthy and also odor-free residence for your hammy.

Click here to check out our finish guide to hamster cage maintenance. In ~ this guide, girlfriend will discover the ins and outs of clean hamster cages, consisting of daily and also weekly work that need to be carried out.

Remove Soiled Bedding Often


One that the most vital things the you have the right to do every day to reduced down on the stink is to eliminate soiled bedding at least once every day. If her hamster offers a litter box, eliminate soiled litter together well. Having actually less urine and feces lying about will minimize the odor in-between cage cleanings.

Consider a adjust of Bedding

If you worried about a persistent smell coming from the cage, the may additionally be worth it to check out different species of hamster bedding. Though countless of the alternatives are the sector are great and healthy to use, they’re no the same. Each come through their very own pros and cons, as you can see in our hamster bedding guide. The best hamster bedding is:

Highly absorbentFree of synthetic fragrance and also dustNon-toxicWithin a reasonable price range, so the you can readjust it as frequently as is needed

Shop around and also compare, in conjunction through the overview above, to find the best bedding to store your hamster’s residence clean and also fresh-smelling.

Spot-Check Nests and Houses


Sometimes, even when the cage chin seems fairly clean, hamsters pick designated spots that are more likely to come to be dirty quicker than the remainder of the cage. Check out any type of nests the your hamster has actually formed, and also hamster dwellings that you’ve listed them. If these locations stink much an ext than the remainder of the cage, you’ll know that they may need even more frequent cleaning.

It is vital that you have actually the time, energy and also patience come follow v with routine hamster cage maintenance. Not only do unclean environments end up being stinky, but they additionally play host to bacteria the can acquire your hammy sick.

Female Hamsters: Why walk She Smell like That?

Some owners of young, mrs Syrian hamsters notification a strong, acrid and also downright musky smell coming from your hamster at times. Sometimes, they will notification that the odor fades away for several days prior to returning – seemingly v a vengeance. So, what on planet is going on?

There’s a great chance the she’s in heat.

Female hamsters enter heat, a short home window of time wherein castle are many receptive to the breakthroughs of a male hamster. This signifies the they are all set to breed and also can do itself recognized through a variety of behavioral changes and, yes, a pretty negative odor.

Syrian hamsters are solitary creatures the only gain together to mate. Because that this reason, mrs hamsters have to “advertise” to surrounding males that they are receptive. The scent that they relax serves this purpose splendidly – though it only smells an excellent to male hamsters. Come us, it’s awful.

You’re not reproduction your hamster, therefore this biological process seems unnecessary and inconvenient. Fortunately, that will only last through the hamster’s best childbearing years. After she reaches a later on stage of maturity, the smell will lessen or disappear entirely.

Unfortunately, there is nothing the you have the right to do except wait for the hamster to reach the finish of she childbearing years. Remainder assured the there is naught wrong through your hamster going right into heat. That is a natural and normal part of the organic process, even if there space no males in her vicinity. You will do it just have actually to resolve the smell and, as always, ensure that her cage is clean.

As a next note, you might not ever an alert a odor coming from her young, mrs Syrian. This doesn’t median anything an adverse about she health, necessarily. Some hamsters will stink much less or an ext during the heat cycle. Part owners might be less sensitive come the smell, as well.

Don’t Fret about Having a Stinky Hamster!


If friend worry about hamsters gift smelly creatures and also have put off obtaining one since of that, the time to put that are afraid to bed. Not just do hamsters not stink, but they likewise take care of the mass of the grooming process on your own!

What matters most is just how much time you have to dedicate to keeping their cage clean once you’ve included a hamster to her family. You must be confident that you can set aside the time to perform daily and also weekly jobs that will save the cage clean. Hamster cages are commonly the source of the odor, no the hamster themselves.

If you can make the moment for program hamster cage care, friend will shortly realize how much a non-issue the subject of foul smells is. Component of what provides so many world love hamsters is how low-maintenance they room in this area. Simply leave lock to their own tools (plus a sand bath) and also they will store themselves clean with absolutely zero prompting.

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Hamsters make great additions to any kind of household that can adequately treatment for and clean up after them. You will not be disappointed when you buy among these furry, tiny charmers. You could even gain a kick the end of the means that castle clean themselves, which have the right to be fairly an endearing sight. Simply make sure to store their cage clean and everyone will certainly be happy, fresh and odor-free.