Lucifer Morningstar"s (Tom Ellis) wings ended up being a subject of discussion amongst fans once Netflix dropped a last-minute opened scene teaser on social media. While seasoned viewers are conscious of the factor behind producing them in pure white, there is a handful who are still trying to find answers.Usual logic would say that since Lucifer has grown over the seasons, his wings have readjusted colors relying on his state the mind. Yet there room conflicting theories roughly it, many of which are proposed by fans since the "Lucifer" doesn"t resolve the issue on or off of it.

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"Lucifer" Season 5 component 1 Premiere: Recap of where we left Morningstar and Chloe at end of Season 4At this point, it wouldn"t be a stretch come say the it has actually a psychic of that own. Throughout the seasons, it has had a major role to play in Lucifer"s storyline, and also it is surprising that the creators room yet to completely explain why Lucifer"s wings readjust color and are different from the of his siblings. Amenadiel’s are dark gray, Remiel"s room white, Uriel"s has actually a mix of light and gray walking on, and also lastly, Azrael"s is brown, although we never obtain a an excellent look at them.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in "Lucifer" (Netflix)

"We discover that the angels regulate what castle look choose by what they think of themselves, yet some that the wings simply seem to match the outfit the the angel who has actually them, through no other obvious reason for their appearance. Isn’t this contradictory to just how the figure of wings should normally work?" a user asked on Reddit.

DB Woodside together Amenadiel in "Lucifer" (Netflix)

While the was an amazing observation, an additional user top top Twitter sharp out: "Lucifer is the only one with white wings since he’s the Lightbringer. Michael’s are black since he’s his twin however in some means his opposite. (Desire vs Fear) others just have different shade wings, i think."

Lucifer is the only one with white wings due to the fact that he’s the Lightbringer. Michael’s are black due to the fact that he’s his twin yet in someways his opposite. (Desire vs Fear) rather just have different shade wings, ns think.

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"I"m fascinated by every one of these current questions about wing color. Lightbringer = irradiate wings. There"s also an interesting contrast for the present there. You could expect the devil to have actually red or darker wings, yet they provide him the brightest wings possible," a fan mentioned in one more Reddit thread.Lucifer"s wings had assumed a darker color and also bat-like shape as soon as he began dating Eve. However, by the end of Season 4, the wings acquired a bright white color - its initial angelic color, ~ Lucifer admitted his love because that Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Fandom defines that the color adjust could be because "he had actually become much more selfless and self-sacrificing."Here"s hope Season 5B will address a component of the wings" color-changing properties and also healing strength if not fully."Lucifer" Season 5B can be streamed on Netflix.