Students will mind storm concepts on what makes stars show up brighter, climate test those concepts using flashlights.

Represent data in graphical displays to reveal patterns the daily transforms in length and direction that shadows, day and night, and the seasonal illustration of some stars in the night sky.

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The Why Behind teaching This

Unit 6 teaches students around Earth"s place in the Universe. Traditional 5-ESS1-1: assistance an discussion that differences in the evident brightness the the sun compared to other stars is as result of their family member distance from Earth, is one typical covered. Typical 5-ESS1-2: stand for data in graphical screens to disclose patterns of daily changes in length and also direction that shadows, day and also night, and the seasonal illustration of part stars in the night sky, is the various other standard covered.

Throughout this unit, students will learn about classifying stars, fads of stars, and also the effects of rotation and revolution. We will certainly be creating models, graphing data, tracing our shadows, and also much more.

This details lesson covers standard 5-ESS1-1 because it gives students with information about characteristics that impact the brightness of stars. Distance from planet is one major factor the determines brightness but other components such together size, temperature, age, etc. Also affect the brightness. In this great students will relate stars come flashlights to aid them think around each of these characteristics. They will certainly then said their principles to information about real stars.

Lesson Goal:

The score of this lesson is because that students to identify various characteristics of stars the could cause one to appear brighter than another.

Success Criteria:

Students will demonstrate success of this goal by properly comparing 2 stars on the leave ticket given at the end of the lesson.

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Preparing because that The Lesson:

Warm Up:

Computer and also overhead for showing the Youtube video

Guided Practice:

Groups require whiteboards and also markers for producing a perform of things that influence brightness.


A little flashlight and also a big flashlight to use during the discussionA long area such as a hallway for shining the flashlights at various distances

Wrap Up: