If you have watched predation videos of spotted hyenas, friend will certainly think that they room \"cruel\", since they usually don\"t start eating delicious meals after killing your prey, yet they death the food while eating.

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While they are eating their prey, the food is alive many of the time, and they are basically standing, do the efforts their best to escape.

In fact, this kind of live-eating of prey is very common in nature, and it can also be claimed that most predators eat delicious meals if the food is alive.

For example, if a snake records a frog, it will swallow it alive immediately. It will not wait to death the frog prior to eating it. Over there is also a frog the eats insects. The can\"t even see dead and also immobile insects.

So, this raises a really interesting question, why don\"t pets kill their prey before eating?


How typical is live-eating of food in nature?

In the ocean, many fish eat by \"sucking\". Simply put, they open their mouths to suck in water and also their prey, and also then spit out the water and also swallow the prey.

Therefore, friend will discover that many fish carry out not have actually the \"equipment\" the can straight kill the prey. Lock basically have no teeth (oral teeth) and also other sharp claws. Instead, they have actually throat teeth, i m sorry chop increase the food at the entrance. .

This is true because that reptiles and also amphibians. They also have basically no teeth. They all eat live. Only occasionally, some predators will kill your prey, such as pythons. They will certainly wait because that the prey to prevent its heartbeat prior to swallowing.

It is common for birds and mammals to eat after killing their prey, however even if they are completely capable of killing their prey, they often eat alive like hyenas.


Why not kill their prey?

First that all, we cannot talk around animals in state of human being morality. In their eyes, there is only food, and there is no concept of life and also death. What they worry about is even if it is they can eat it and also whether they will get hurt.

Nature is an extremely efficient. Animals will maximize your benefits. They will certainly measure the ratio of nutrient acquisition and also investment time and also energy to do the best hunting plan.

If you observe carefully, friend will uncover that the food that is swallowed alive is greatly weak and also helpless animals, and they can not pose a hazard to the predator.


​When the prey can\"t ache you in ~ all, you simply need to do yourself able come let the prey enter your mouth faster. Death the prey is a rubbish of time, so friend don\"t need teeth.

Not just that, if friend don\"t eat the prey quickly, you may additionally attract rivals to prey. Because that example, hyenas deserve to eat a prey with just bones in 30 minutes. If they don\"t carry out this, the lion will certainly probably involved drive them away.

If a predator always kills the prey prior to enjoying it for safety, climate they most likely won\"t obtain anything, i m sorry is a bit like \"you only have to go into the stomach to it is in yours.\"

So, to sum up, those predators who eat their food alive deserve to keep their food from harming themselves, and also eating alive as soon as they are safe is the most reliable way.


So why these animals lions death their food it first?

In fact, the reason is the same. Lions just care about whether they can eat delicious meals safely.

Perhaps lions are really an ext powerful than hyenas, and also their eating techniques are not as fast as hyenas. This might be due to the fact that they are better at defending your food than hyenas. Also if castle eat slowly, castle don\"t need to worry around others grabbing them.

In addition, the many obvious benefit of eat after death the food is the it is safer, especially when the prey may be dangerous come yourself.

The lion\"s prey is greatly medium and huge ungulates, such as wildebeest, zebra, antelope, etc., and also occasionally difficulty large animals, such as hippopotamus and giraffe.

Although these bigger herbivores eat grass, they space not basic to provoke. A \"backward kick\" may directly knock the lion out.

So, to sum up, these predators that kill your prey an initial usually have a difficult prey. For the services of safety, they choose a fairly inefficient means of eating.

I don\"t understand if you have ever before thought that carnivores rarely eat carnivores. In fact, a large part the the factor is the they themselves may be injured, and also many boy injuries in the wild deserve to be fatal.



The food being eaten alive through another animal is a terrifying scene, yet we cannot explain it as \"cruel\" since it is vital for the survival of the animal.

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In addition, there is no need to deliberately pity the prey. That is claimed that different animals have various ways of perceiving pain, and adrenaline will certainly make the prey numb themselves once they room swallowed or stripped alive. They likewise have no feeling and will shortly die.