Q. Why to be Moses not enabled to go into the Promised Land? I’m aware of his disobedience, I simply feel the it’s too much! as well harsh a punishment.

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James, the brothers of Jesus, write in his new Testament epistle, “Not plenty of of you should come to be teachers, my fellow believers, because you recognize that we who teach will be judged much more strictly.” other versions speak “judged by a stricter standard” or “judged an ext severely than others.” this all median basically the same thing, and also what James says about teachers uses to every spiritual leaders. God does referee and, when necessary, punish them more strictly 보다 others. Why? What spiritual leaders do impact their followers, both directly, in terms of the consequences of their decisions and also choices, and also indirectly, with their example.

Moses to be not enabled to get in the Promised Land because when God told him to speak come a absent so that it would send the end water for the Israelites come drink in the desert, Moses win the rock with his staff instead. Certainly the direct consequences of this action were not negative for the Israelites. Castle had remained in danger of dice of thirst, and this action saved them. However the indirect after-effects were an extremely dangerous spiritually.

God had told Moses come gather every the Israelites together in former of the rock, and also God had offered him this instructions: “Speak to the rock prior to their eyes and it will certainly pour out its water.” Instead, Moses gathered the Israelites and said to them, speaking because that himself and his other leader Aaron, “Listen, girlfriend rebels, need to we lug you water out of this rock?” climate he struck the absent twoice, and also water come out.

In an answer to this, God said Moses, “Because friend did not think in me, to uphold me as divine in the eyes of the people of Israel, therefore you chandelier not lug this assembly into the land that i have provided them.” one more translation puts the this way: “You did not trust me enough to honor me and also show the people that i am holy. Girlfriend did not present the Israelites the the strength to do the water come from me. For this reason you will not command the people into the land that ns have offered them.”

So an ext was affiliated than the seemingly small difference between speak to the rock and striking the rock. Because that one thing, instead of speak to the rock as God’s agent of provision and care, Moses speak to the people, and also he walk so v hostility and anger. This misrepresented God’s merciful disposition come do an excellent for the human being even despite they had actually been grumbling and complaining. Moses additionally took credit for the action himself: “Must we carry you water the end of this rock?” Anyone that is entrusted v the duty of exhilaration on God’s behalf must constantly be really careful to make sure the God gets all of the glory, credit, and also praise. If they are not careful, world can be led to glorify other human being instead, robbing God of the glory the belongs just to him.

So if it could seem to us that God provided Moses a severe punishment for a tiny infraction, God was aware of the potential wide-ranging and also long-lasting impacts of his example, and also God essential to protect against those impacts from spreading.

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