There are numerous recipes out there that speak to for chicken legs, thighs or drumsticks, but not everyone knows what the difference is between these parts of the chicken.

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So what is the difference in between chicken legs, thighs and drumsticks? Chicken leg describes the entirety leg section of a chicken i m sorry is both the thigh and drumstick associated as one piece. As soon as the totality leg is divided into 2 parts, it create the thigh and also drumstick portions. The chicken thigh is the top portion of the leg, and the drumstick is the reduced calf section of the leg.

Whole Chicken leg Portion

The entirety leg of a chicken, or the chicken leg quarter as it is sometimes known, is the thigh and drumstick linked as one piece.

It is additionally known together a chicken quarter, since when a chicken is separated into the different breast and also leg portions, it creates 4 pieces / soldier – 2 whole legs and also 2 breasts.

A totality Chicken Leg portion Is The Thigh & Drumstick Combined

It have the right to sometimes acquire confusing once some recipes erroneously ask because that chicken ‘legs’ once they actually mean simply the ‘drumstick’ portion.

Chicken Drumstick & Thighs

When the totality leg is split through the joint between the thigh and also the drumstick, it becomes two smaller portions.

Cutting The totality Leg through The share Creates The Thigh & Drumstick

Chicken Drumstick Portions

The Chicken drumstick is the calf, or reduced leg ar of the entirety leg that attaches to the chickens foot.

The chicken drumstick is most regularly sold through the skin on and also bone-in, and is called a ‘drumstick’ because of its similarity in shape to a drumstick used by a musician.

Drumsticks tend to it is in cheaper 보다 thighs due to the high bone come meat content, return they room a renowned item on a buffet table as they make terrific finger food.

Chicken Thigh Portions

The chicken thigh, together the surname suggests, comes from the upper part of the entirety leg towards the body of the chicken.

Chicken thighs have a higher meat content to the drumsticks having actually just a little thigh bone running with the meat the can quickly be removed.

Although friend will often see the bone-in thighs obtainable in your neighborhood grocery store, the is more common to watch the boneless and skinless chicken thighs because that sale.

Boneless & Skinless Is A Common method Of selling Chicken Thighs

The legs are the least famous selling component of the chicken because of the misconception that the ‘darker’ meat is negative for you. To aid with sales, gift boneless and skinless help appeal come the more health conscious shoppers.

Why Are entirety Chicken foot Cheaper than Drumsticks & Thighs?

As we have just mentioned, chicken legs acquire a lot of an unfavorable press, together being unhealthy, which consequently makes lock an unpopular selection for shoppers.

Due come the reality that most chicken service providers will have actually made their profit on offering the famous chicken breasts, they can afford to market the legs at a much cheaper price to entice sales of this lesser favored portions.

It is often less complicated for a packing home to market the whole legs cheap, 보다 it is to pay a butcher to separate the foot & thigh and also then go to the trouble of boning and skinning the thighs.

Shopping Tip

You can really often discover whole chicken foot on offer in the grocery stores in ~ a fraction of the price of buying the already separated drumstick and also thigh portions. Be certain to grab these bargains together it is really easy to different the two yourself at home. You simply need a sharp knife and can make a good saving on your food budget!

When handling raw chicken in the kitchen, that is vitally vital that friend take care not to cause cross contamination. Take a look at our article around Cross air pollution in the Kitchen to aid you understand around the risks, and how to prevent it indigenous happening.

Cooking Time because that Chicken Legs, Thighs & Drumsticks

When food preparation these chicken portions, ns personally feeling it is better to leaving the skin top top the meat during the food preparation process. This will permit the herbal fat indigenous the skin to save the meat moist and also prevent the from dry out.

If girlfriend are adhering to a healthy diet, or great to keep your fat entry down, climate you can easily remove the skin after ~ cooking.

Legs portions generally take a little bit longer to cook than breasts, and also sometimes advantage from much longer slower food preparation if you want the meat to fall off the bone.

For general roasting, eliminate the chicken native the refrigerator about 30 mins prior to cooking to permit the meat to with room temperature. This will assist the meat cook an ext evenly.

Preheat your cooktop to 350oF/180oC

Season the chicken and also place in the centre of the cooktop for approx 35 – 45 minutes. The inner temeperature should be at the very least 165oF/75oC when probed with a digital meat probe ( approx $10 from Amazon), and the juices need to run clear.

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Whole legs may require slightly much longer than the thighs/drumstick portions.

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