A satirical look in ~ the Philadelphia an ar and beyond.(All stories room fabricated, with no communication on fact.)

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Provo, UT--At the funeral last month for Gary Coleman, the actor ideal known for his role as Arnold Jackson top top the struggle television display Diff"rent Strokes, former actors members the the sitcom gathered to pay your respects come the one-time boy star.One actors member that chose to make an appearance, however, had the gathered masses in pure shock.Arnold Jackson"s previous nemesis on the show, the local school"s bully, recognized as the Gooch, chose to finally make peace with Coleman by traveling across the nation to Utah. It was the an initial public appearance because that the Gooch because the present ended in 1986.The Gooch, that never appeared on screen, to be played by Steven Gooch (pictured below, right) the Athens, GA. Off camera the two were as unfriendly come each other as their personalities on the show."It"s no secret," claimed the Gooch. "Gary and I didn"t get along in former of or behind the camera. It was what that was. But, I will say this: I constantly respected his power on the show."
Asked to talk about reports the the two had actually attempted a reconciliation in the past, the Gooch, as he prefers to be called, said there was talk of a truce in 1996, but it never materialized."They were claimed to fulfill under the Arch in St Louis, in the center of the country, you know, neutral territory," recalled gibbs Conrad Bain, that played Phillip Drummond on the show. "To mine knowledge, Gary never ever showed up. Or probably neither of lock showed. I don"t know.

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This onion dive is fantastic, though."At the conclusion that the funeral, the Gooch, who owns and operates 5 Denny"s Restaurants in Georgia and also South Carolina, do no effort to talk v the an extremely cast members the pressured him right into coming come Utah in the first place. Instead, the little screen bully, donning dark sunglasses and a white leather trench coat, was whisked far by his own private security entourage and also into a waiting limousine.Todd Bridges, who played Diff"rent Strokes" Willis Jackson, to be pleased to watch that the Gooch proved up to the funeral and that "apparently he gained Conrad"s and also my message." Bridges would not go into detail about the message, however said the a horse"s head was involved.