"I believe in love, I think in music/ I think in magic, and also I think in you."

Don Williams" 1980 hit "I believe In You" is one "honest" song with "simple lyrics," according to i get it Cook, who co-wrote it with the late Sam Hogin. The doesn"t typical the country standard was a straightforward one come write. Chef shared the "Story Behind the Song" through Bart Herbison of Nashville Songwriters combination International.

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Bart Herbison: How plenty of times has somebody just said, "Hey guy ... I believe in You"? You composed that an excellent song v ...

Roger Cook: I wrote it with Sammy Hogin.

Bart Herbison: The so late Sam Hogin. Well, you believed you created it by yourself as well.

RC: I assumed I had the track finished. Then someday I looked at it, and also I suddenly got unhappy. A the majority of the lyrical images were dumb. Ns won"t get in details, yet they to be dumb. Us were never going to obtain it cut the way it was.

BH: Do friend remember what it to be like?

RC: The lines around the rising prices of getting high. Of course, Don wasn"t going sing that. He sang "the rising price of acquiring by," you know. And “Sometimes i don"t offer a d---." the wouldn"t song that.

BH: i remember the very first time i heard this record, and he was already a substantial star. However I think that cemented this stature and also it just kept going after ~ that. Just how did this song get to him? Because other human being have taped it. But, occasionally Roger, there"s a song and also there"s one artist and also somewhere the end in the universe.

RC: They must meet.

BH: Just intended to be.

RC: Eventually, once Sam and also I sat approximately until 2 in the morning one night, we had actually the lyric tight. I ultimately was yes, really happy with the lyric. And went in and made a really good demo of it. And, about two or three days later, Garth called me one day, Garth Fundis, that was creating Don. That said, "If you acquired anything because that Don, we"re walk in the studio. We might use a song or two." i said, "I"ve just written a song." ns said, "I have the right to hear Don singing it." he said, "I"ll come right over." Nobody had actually heard that at the point.

BH: I told friend man, meant to it is in ...

RC: and we placed it down, and about halfway v Garth said, "Don would have actually a vast hit v that, you know." i said, "Well, walk for it Garth!"

BH: So, my so late Uncle Billy, the just thing he ever played much more was Elvis. He played that solitary over and over, and as he did ... I"m talk a hundred times in a pair of days. This is long before I had any kind of music industry experience. There would have actually been a thousand means to mess that up, however they left it kind of bare, they let Don"s feel come out, and he simply sang the song.

BH: Don"t you think the hardest track to create is a basic idea, and to leave it uncomplicated? Simple means flattering in this terminology.

RC: The really basic songs are tough to write. ... We"re trained in the way through ours careers come look because that something really different. And try to come up v an angle. Something just catchy and different. But now and again you perform sit down, you write just a God moral song, and with simple lyrics.

BH: That"s what the is. … carry out you psychic the first time girlfriend heard Don"s recording?

RC: Yeah. I thought right away, "That"s it. I recognize we"re walk to have actually a huge hit." I just knew, since his voice, that lovely, warm, "Hi, I"m your next-door neighbor" kind of voice, you know.

BH: Do you think that was helpful? since your intonation and also your timbre, they"re not unlike.

RC: We"re both baritones. When he will down, I understand it sounds easy, in a means it did with Jim Reeves. He"s obtained that ease in slipping down right into a short note. And also I have that, fortunately.

BH: Maybe that"s why that resonated in various other songs.

RC: Maybe so, however I know one thing. Thank you, Don, increase in heaven there, say thanks to you.

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