Rufus is a new student in ~ Kenny’s school. Originally from the South, Rufus has a strong Southern accent and also a friendly way of dealing with others. Unfortunately for him, his kindness attracts negative attention in ~ Kenny’s school, causing human being like Larry Dunn to bully him. Kenny, for his part, is happy around this in ~ first, because he really hopes Rufus will distract civilization from choose on him. However, he shortly becomes friends v Rufus and also discovers the he’s extremely nice, therefore he start playing with him ~ above a day-to-day basis. And also because Rufus’s household doesn’t have actually a most money, Kenny shares his lunches v him. In the end, then, Rufus becomes Kenny’s the next friend.

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The The Watsons go to Birmingham—1963 quotes below are all either spoken by Rufus or refer to Rufus. Because that each quote, you can also see the various other characters and also themes regarded it (each layout is shown by its own dot and icon, prefer this one:

).Note: all page numbers and citation details for the quotes listed below refer to the Yearling edition of The Watsons walk to Birmingham—1963 released in 1997.

Then he said something that made me obtain all funny and also nervous inside, the said, “How come your eyes ain’t lookin’ in the exact same way?” ns looked to view if maybe this to be the begin of some teasing but he looked favor he really want to know. He no staring in ~ me either, that was sort of feather down and kicking at the dirt through his raggedy shoes.



The various other thing wrong with him to be his clothes. It didn’t take civilization too long before they counting how plenty of pairs of pants and shirts Rufus and also Cody had. That was basic to do since Rufus only had actually two shirts and two bag of pants and Cody only had actually three shirts and two bag of pants. They also had one pair the blue jeans that they switched turn off on; some days Rufus wore them and also some work Cody rolled the foot up and put them on.



I couldn’t believe how sad i got. It’s funny just how things could adjust so much and you i will not ~ notice. Every one of a sudden I began remembering just how much i hated riding the bus, all of a suddenly I started remembering exactly how lunchtime under the swing set alone wasn’t really much fun, all of a sudden I started remembering that before Rufus pertained to Flint my just friend was the world’s biggest dinosaur thief, LJ Jones, all of a sudden i remembered the Rufus and also Cody to be the only two youngsters in the totality school (other than Byron and also Joey) that i didn’t instantly look in ~ sideways.

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Byron jerked Larry’s arms over his head 3 times. Larry Dunn was really tough! not only because he no crying once By to be going to mess him up, but also because once Byron jerked his arms over his head choose that us all might see the Larry’s skinny small windbreaker was ripped under both arms and also Larry just had actually on a T-shirt underneath it.

"My college student can"t get sufficient of her charts and also their results have actually gone v the roof." -Graham S.

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