Q31. Which type of chart is the least suitable fordepicting yearly rainfall totals for 5 cities for four years?

 (a) Pie chart

 (b) heat chart

(c) obelisk chart (d) Bar chart

 Q32. Look in ~ the stack bar chart in Figure 3.35.Which that the adhering to is a classification on the category axis?


 (a) Thousands

 (b) project Titles

 (c) CIS Managers

 (d) 700

Q33. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is not a type of sparkline?

 (a) Line

 (b) Bar

(c) Column

 (d) Win-Loss

 Q34. If you desire to present exact values for a data series ina bar chart, which chart element should you display?

(a) graph title

 (b) Legend

 (c) value axis title

 (d) Data brand

Q35. The value axis at this time shows increments such as50,000 and also 100,000. What option would you pick to display the worths inincrements the 50 and 100?

 (a) an ext Primary vertical Axis Title options

(b) present Axis in Thousands

 (c) present Axis in Millions

(d) display Right come Left Axis

Q36. You want to develop a single chart that mirrors theproportion that yearly sales because that five departments for every year for 5 years.Which kind of chart deserve to accommodate your needs?

(a) Pie chart

 (b) surface ar chart

 (c) Clustered bar chart

 (d) 100% stacked pillar chart

Q37. Currently, a shaft chart reflects values on the valueaxis, year on the category axis, and state names in the legend. What shouldyou carry out if you desire to organize data with the says on the group axis andthe years displayed in the legend?

 (a) readjust the chart form to a clustered tower chart.

 (b) Click move Row/Column in the Data group on the Designtab.

(c) Click Layout 2 in the chart Layouts team on the Designtab and apply a different chart style.

(d) Click Legend in the Labels team on the Layout tab andselect present Legend at Bottom.


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What carry out you click to remove a data collection from a chartso that you can emphasis on other data series?

(a) chart Elements

 (b) chart Series

 (c) graph Filters

 (d) graph Styles

 Q39. Which of the following does not display screen automaticallywhen you create a clustered column chart?