The Mohawk flow is in main New York and is the largest tributary the the Hudson River.

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Rivers are occasionally taken for granted. Stop and also think – you watch one, enjoy the natural beauty, and perhaps admire a yacht cruising along on this waterway. However have you ever before spent time learning around a river the is of attention to you? I grew up in a part of brand-new York State that is steeped in organic beauty and history. A bit over 100-yards from my childhood house the Mohawk flow flows.


It was constantly just there, flowing majestically by, wherein I had actually to walk or bike over the leg to gain to town. Sure, that was amazing to was standing on the bridge and also look down, clock the boats go by under you. Probably drop a pebble or rock from high ~ above the bridge to watch the ripples it would certainly produce. Yet again, the was constantly just there. One blessing of age is that you have tendency to reevaluate what friend missed when you to be younger, learning to excellent it more and acknowledge just how it may have shaped your watch as you mature. So, permit me phone call you about my Mohawk River.


The Mohawk flow is in central New York and also is the largest tributary of the Hudson River. It develops in Oneida County, at the juncture of the West Branch and also East Branch and continues to flow south and also east to sign up with the Hudson part 149-miles later. The Mohawk connects the Hudson and the port of new York come the an excellent Lakes at Buffalo. The Schoharie Creek and West Canada are the key tributaries the the Mohawk.


Approximately 78% that the Erie Canal parallels the river from Rome to its union v the Hudson. Many of this section of the Canal has been abandoned and also replaced by the river. The river’s channel has actually been deepened and also straightened with the years.

The river flows past and also through several central New York cities such as Rome, Utica, Amsterdam, and Schenectady. In in between the cities of Utica and also Amsterdam lies the tiny town that St. Johnsville. I grew up in this town v the river almost in mine front yard.

The flow was named for the Mohawk Nation, among the five Nations that the Iroquois Confederacy. During the 1700s and prior, the Mohawk civilization were based here. Their territory ranged north to the St. Lawrence River, southerly Quebec, and also eastern Ontario, southern to brand-new Jersey, eastern to Vermont, and west to Oneida nation territory. This to be a major waterway because that the Mohawk people. They dubbed it Tenonanstche, or “a flow flowing through a mountain.”

The very first recorded European exploration of the flow was by a Dutchman in 1634, who cruised upstream indigenous Albany into Mohawk Territory. After that point, many Dutch and German Palatines also made their method up the Mohawk to type various settlements. Their influence in the local area came to be staggering and long-lasting, as evidenced by numerous other historical places in the Mohawk Valley. The river also helped shape various other transportation routes. The railroad operation alongside the river and the led thoroughfares of route 5 and also Interstate 90.


Personal reflection

Now, permit me tell you about growing up close to the river. As a kid, you learn the facts and history surrounding the river. This info is wonderful, yet in reality, i recall walking along the towpath, imagining the animals that may have pulled a watercraft up the river prior to they ended up being motorized. I could find one arrowhead the reminded me of once the Mohawk civilization lived, fought, and died in the area. Ns would view turtles taking a stroll throughout the path. I would see range of different birds overhead in the tree or other little critters in the brush alongside the path. I remember wade down beside the leg to sit ~ above the huge concrete pillars and also walls below for some alone thinking time.

From the former porch of my childhood home, I might hear the barges together they chugged ~ above by. Acquisition a quick walk under to the river bridge provides one a to mark view.

I watched the boats and saw fabulous yachts sail under me, their citizens soaking increase the sunlight as lock waved and drifted top top by.


There is additionally a marina, whereby the yachts mentioned above can pull up and also stay awhile. Sometimes, if you were at the marina as soon as they arrived, you might be lucky enough to get a rapid tour of your vessel if they to be so inclined. But undoubtedly, you constantly got come meet and also talk to civilization who were not from the area. If you to be a canoe or kayak enthusiast, you can launch native the marina. You can enjoy a isolated area follow me the towpath if you to be a local and also knew the best spots. In my youth, i took it for granted, together it was constantly ‘just there.’

As happens in one’s normal course of life, I moved away from my hometown. I would certainly still visit, as lot of my household remained there. However, that was not until recent years the I returned with a various viewpoint. Among appreciation and also wonder for every that i may have missed.


Things have readjusted as they usually do as time progresses. The towpath has mostly to be forgotten but in its location is a wonderful bike and also walking path. It is a great place to walk, either alone or in the company of family and also pets. As much of it has been paved, that is perfect for a bike ride. Whether you are walking, biking, or jogging, opportunities are you will pass by who from city that you understand or a visitor enjoy it the area’s beauty.

The marina has included RV and camper parking, either because that a night or 2 or for the summer season.

During the summer, weather permitting, the town sponsors weekly concerts at the Marina, which bring an included sense the community and hospitality. The watercrafts sailing follow me the flow pull in to listen, the campers step out of your RV’s, and also the community brings their lawn chairs.

All gather around and also enjoy each various other for a pair of hours on a weekday evening while sunlight sets in the background and also the flow sits beside you and also listens.

Even though i did move on from the quaint village and its surroundings, i will constantly remember my time farming up near the Mohawk River. I deserve to now evaluate all that nuances and also wonder in ~ the history it holds. The river knows all and also sees all. It only asks because that respect and also appreciation in return.

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