To build suspense in the story, Poe frequently employs foreshadowing. Forexample, once Fortunato says, “I shall no die the a cough,” Montresorreplies, “True,” due to the fact that he knows that Fortunato will certainly in reality diefrom dehydration and starvation in the crypt. Montresor’s descriptionof his family’s coat of arms likewise foreshadows future events. Theshield attributes a human foot crushing a tenacious serpent. In thisimage, the foot to represent Montresor and also the serpent representsFortunato. Return Fortunato has hurt Montresor through biting insults,Montresor will at some point crush him. The conversation around Masonsalso foreshadows Fortunato’s demise. Fortunato difficulties Montresor’sclaim the he is a member that the Masonic order, and also Montresor repliesinsidiously with a visual pun. As soon as he declares that he is a “mason”by showing his trowel, he way that the is a literal stonemason—thatis, the he constructs points out of stones and mortar, namely Fortunato’sgrave.

The final moments of conversation between Montresor andFortunato heighten the horror and also suggest the Fortunato ultimately—andironically—achieves some kind of top hand over Montresor. Fortunato’splea, “For the love the God, Montresor!” has actually provoked much criticalcontroversy. Some doubters suggest that Montresor has at last broughtFortunato to the pit the desperation and despair, shown by hisinvocation the a God that has actually long left that behind. Various other critics,however, argue the Fortunato at some point mocks the “love the God,”thereby use the exact same irony the Montresor has actually effectivelyused to entice him come the crypts. These room Fortunato’s last words,and the weird desperation the Montresor displayed in responsesuggests that he needs Fortunato much more than he desires to admit. Onlywhen he double screams “Fortunato!” loudly, with no response, doesMontresor case to have actually a noble heart. The factors for Fortunato’ssilence room unclear, however perhaps his willing refusal come answer Montresoris a type of strange success in otherwise dire circumstances.

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