Natural gas is the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon. It is abundant and versatile, helping meet prospering demand also for energy worldwide, and also able to partner through renewable power resources. We cool natural gregarding liquid for simple shipping to energy-hungry locations, and also we convert it to make lower-emission fuels and various other commodities.

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Title: Natural Gas is Good for Me Duration 0.54 Description We use power every day from the moment we wake approximately our alarm clocks the minutes before we fall asleep. Discover how herbal gas is sustaining our world"s growing demand for power in a method that is trusted and sustainable. This video is presented as Kinetic Typography, interpretation message on screen replicates what is sassist in the voice over in amazing and illustrative ways. Each day, you wake up. You use the phone, the computer system, move. You use power. ‘Each Day’ is displayed on a stylized calendar, ‘You Wake up’ is on the face of a digital alarm clock ‘You use the phone’ is swiped by a finger throughout a phone ‘The Computer’ is shown on a lapoptimal screen’ ‘Transport’ is composed on the side of a bus that moves to the right. ‘You Use Energy’ is shown via cartoon lightning bolts to its sides. And as the world supplies more power, we need to provide power that is easily accessible and environmentally sustainable. ‘And as the world offers more energy’ is presented over a globe via cartoon lightning bolts in the background ‘we have to provide power’ is displayed as hands enter the framework from the bottom ‘that is easily accessible and also environmentally sustainable’ is shown in the facility of the web page as pipes, plants and also blue flames animate about it.


Producing one-tenth of the air pollutants as coal as soon as burned to generate electrical power, organic gas can provide positive eco-friendly and health benefits to our cities and towns.

‘Producing one-tenth of the air pollutants as coal when charred to geneprice electricity’ is displayed, a lightbulb is included to the end of ‘electricity’ ‘organic gas’ is shown dvery own the side of cooling towers on a herbal gas plant, a background of syk and tress through pipes at the bottom. ‘can provide positive environmental’ is presented to the side of the gas plant ‘and wellness benefits’ rises up on the left inside a white clinical cross. ‘to our cities and also towns’ message is shown on the ideal. Buildings and also dwellings increase up from the background. These benefits, coupled with natural gas’ almost global reach, ensures that natural gas have the right to play a crucial function in the energy mix, regardmuch less of wright here you live. ‘These benefits’ display screens via a tick over the text. ‘coupled via organic gas’ practically global reach’ display screens over an sea with LNG tankers floating on it. ‘Natural Gas’ is created on the side of the primary, largest tanker. ‘ensures that natural gas’ screens over a background of pipes, and also a subtle map of the USA ‘Gas’ is accompanied by a blue flame ‘deserve to play an essential function in the energy mix’, screens ‘Key’ is created over a picture of a Key. ‘Regardless of where you live.’ The swarm pulls ago to display screen a world via pipes spanning it. The words screen on the globe, and the LNG Tankers relocate about it. Renewable energy is essential to our future. But as they develop, and also as soon as the wind doesn’t blow and also the sunlight doesn’t shine, herbal gas have the right to store our stays powered reliably and sustainably. ‘Renewable power is essential to our future’ display screens over a blue skies and green field. Solar panels and a bbest sunlight to the best, wind generators to the left. ‘But as they develop’ is presented over a large cog in the middle of the area. ‘when the wind doesn’t blow and the sunlight doesn’t shine’ is written in the center of the display. A cloud moves in front of the sunlight and the wind wind turbines speak spinning. ‘herbal gas deserve to keep our lives’ screens, Gas, accompanied via a blue flame, and ‘our lives’ via hands either side. ‘powered reliably’ is pictured via the blue gas flame over it and arrows circling the word. ‘and also sustainably’ is pictured through leaves about the word.

Natural gas renders up more than fifty percent of our total manufacturing. We explore for it and also produce it both on land also and offshore. is one of the world’s leading providers of natural gas and also liquefied organic gas (LNG). 

Global demand also for gas is on the rise. By 2030, we mean it to increase by 40% from its 2014 level. 

What is herbal gas and what is it offered for?

Natural gas is the lowest-carbon hydrocarbon, odourless, colourmuch less and also non-toxic. It provides warmth for cooking and also heating, and also it fuels power stations that carry out electrical power to houses and businesses.

It also fuels many type of industrial processes that create products and also goods varying from glass to clothes, and also it is a vital ingredient in commodities such as paints and plastics. transforms gas into cleaner-burning fuels and various other products at our gas-to-liquids plants. We also cool it to -162ºC (-260ºF), making it right into a liquid which is basic to ship to energy-hungry locations around the world. We market liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a lower-emission fuel for ships, trucks, boffers and trains.

We are functioning to provide new gives of LNG to help satisfy future demand also. For example, we are building the biggest floating LNG manufacturing facility in the people, Prelude FLNG. It will allow us to access gas areas off the coast of Australia that would certainly otherwise be too costly or tough to develop, and turn natural gas right into LNG to be shipped abroad.

Advanteras of organic gas

Natural gas is plentiful. If intake continued to be at present levels, the Internationwide Energy Agency (IEA) estimates tright here are enough recoverable sources to last roughly 230 years.

It is flexible. A gas-fired power station takes much less time to start and also sheight than a coal-fired plant. This adaptability renders it a good partner to renewable sources of power such as solar and also wind, which are just available as soon as the sunlight shines and also the wind blows.

Gas is the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon, creating around fifty percent the carbon dioxide (CO2) and also simply one tenth of the air pollutants of coal once scorched to geneprice electrical power. There is huge potential to mitigate near-term CO2 eobjectives and air pollution by using gas rather of coal.

Gas is currently so widely obtainable via LNG, that it can help countries deal with temporary supply disruptions. After the Fukushima disaster, Japan shut down its nuclear reactors and relied on LNG to make up much of its lost electrical power supply.

In some situations, it is cheaper to create gas than coal. The most efficient gas-fired plant has investment prices of $1,100 per kilowatt, according to the IEA, compared via $3,700 for the a lot of efficient coal-fired plant. 

Gas-fired power becomes even more competitive aget when irreversible prices associated through climate adjust and the affect of air air pollution, both on human being and also the environment, are had.

Gas additionally has actually a thriving variety of uses, including the use of LNG as a lower-emission different to diesel and also heavy fuel oil in transfer.


Liquefied herbal gas (LNG)

We cool organic gas to make a liquid, shrinking its volume 600 times for easy shipping to far-off sectors.



Our gas-to-liquids (GTL) innovation offers natural gas instead of crude oil to make liquid fuels, base oils for lubricants and other high-quality commodities. 

The energy future

Natural gas

Deep water

Overcoming technology challenges

Innovating together

Make the future Eco-marathon



Unlocking new power resources for Europe

A major natural gas plant is broadening to get gas from a brand-new pipeline running deep beneath the Norwegian Sea, boosting offers of power for numerous civilization.

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