Which phrase ideal describes the definition of a summary?

A quick statement of the main ideas of a text.

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Which phrase ideal describes the branches of government under the articles of Confederation?

Answer professional Verified. The correct answer is C) a confederal government that restricted government powers. The phrase that ideal describes the kind of government developed by the constitutional Convention the 1787 is “a confederal government that minimal government powers.”

What phrase describes what a template is?

Explanation: The template of a story or poem describes the central idea the the story or poem. Every story or poem conveys a particular and important message. The key subject handle in item of literature is stated to be its theme.

Which phrase best describes internment camps ?( 1 point?

Answer: A. Explanation: The finest description of internment camps, also known as concentration camps were jail camps wherein Japanese american were required to live during world War II.

Which 2 words can be supplied to define a summary?

Some usual synonyms of an overview are compendious, concise, laconic, pithy, succinct, and also terse. While every these words typical “very brief in explain or expression,” summary suggests the explain of main points v no elaboration or explanation.

What is the best meaning of a review Brainly?

It is a explain in a body i that tells the main suggest of the paragraph. It is a statement in the conclusion that retells the key idea to finish the essay. Hurry I’M TIMED.

Which sentence ideal describes the short articles of Confederation?

The exactly answer is the granted sovereignty to each state. The write-ups of Confederation to be the first constitution in the united States.

Which statement best describes the co-founder intentions regarding the Constitution?

Which statement best describes the Founders’ intentions concerning the Constitution? It have to outline an enduring government that will role well, no issue the era.

What is a phrase an interpretation in summary?

DEFINITIONS1. Provided at the finish of a speak or item of composing for introducing a short statement that provides only basic information or opinions.

Which of the following is the best meaning of summarizing?

Summarizing is defined as taking a the majority of information and creating a condensed version that consists the key points. An instance of summarizing is writing a 3 or four-sentence summary that touches upon the main points the a long book.

What execute you average by an overview writing?

A review is a brief overview of the main points of a text. The function of a review is to easily give the reader or listener an idea of what this material is saying.

Which explain accurately describes the short articles of Confederation?

It produced a central government with just a legislative branch is the statement accurately defines the posts of Confederation. Explanation: The legislative has actually the power regulate interstate and also foreign commerce, controls taxing, spreading policies, and also to make law and also declare war.

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Which the the following best describes the short articles of Confederation Brainly?

Answer: D: A new paper that created the first US federal government is the correct answer.

Who is often referred to as the dad of the Constitution?

James Madison, America’s fourth President (1809-1817), make a major contribution come the ratification the the constitution by writing The Federalist Papers, together with Alexander Hamilton and also John Jay. In later years, that was referred to as the “Father of the Constitution.”