Article _____ that the united state Constitution describes the powers of the president. B) II (Second)Answer: write-up II of the U.S. Constitution describes the strength of the president.

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A candidate for the president have to be _____. C) at least 35 year oldAnswer: The structure dictates that the president must be at least 35 year old.
A political party"s presidential candidate is selected through _____. A) delegates at the party"s nationwide conventionAnswer: A politics party"s presidential candidate is selected through delegates at the party"s nationwide convention. The delegates are chosen in major elections or in state caucuses earlier in the presidential election year.
Presidents are chosen _____. B) indirectly, by the Electoral CollegeAnswer: Presidents are chosen indirectly, by the Electoral College. Human being voting for president are actually spreading their votes for electors who are pledged to that certain candidate.
The process by i m sorry a chairman is gotten rid of from office starts with _____. D) impeachment Answer: The process by i beg your pardon a chairman is removed from office starts v impeachment. A president can be removed from office for "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors," follow to write-up II, ar 4 the the Constitution.
Which the the following presidential powers is NOT found in the Constitution?C) management of a politics party Answer: The president"s strength as the leader that his political party is NOT discovered in the Constitution. Since the structure does not point out political next at all, the president"s duty as leader that his political party can not be a constitution power.
Federal judges, executive, management officers, and also ambassadors room all apointed by the president, topic to the confirmation of _____.
Federal judges, executive, management officers, and ambassadors space all apointed by the president, subject to the confirmation of _____. C) the Senate Answer: commonwealth judges, executive, management officers, and also ambassadors are all appointed through the president and also subject come the check of the Senate. The Senate"s strength of check is a constitutional examine on the president"s strength of appointment.
As chief diplomat, the president have the right to _____. D) all of the aboveAnswer: together chief diplomat, the president have the right to do all of the following: recognize brand-new governments, go into into executive agreements, and negotiate treaties. The president is uniquely situated to direct the foreign policy decisions that the United states makes and also enjoys more control in this area 보다 in the domestic arena.
Besides the president, that is the just nationally chosen leader in the joined States?A) the vice-presidentAnswer: besides the president, the just nationally chosen leader in the United says is the vice-president. Neither the an initial Lady, no one the chief Justice space elected. The speaker of the residence is directly elected to congress by his or her district, and becomes Speaker only after being chosen by his or she party, assuming the controls the bulk in the residence of Representatives.
Article II, ar 3 claims that the president "shall take care that the legislations be faithfully excuted." This is the constitutional basis for the president"s role as _____.
Article II, section 3 claims that the president "shall take care that the regulations be faithfully excuted." This is the constitution basis for the president"s role as _____. B) cook excutiveAnswer: The i in post II, section 3 is the constitutional basis for the president"s role as cook executive. The chairman is responsible for the enforcement of every federal regulations (not simply criminal laws, but additionally regulatory laws and spending programs), and also has many executive departments and agencies in ~ his disposal for this purpose.
The federal administration is component of i m sorry branch the the government?A) executive, management branch Answer: The federal bureaucracy is part of the executive, management branch the the government. The Constitution provides the executive branch the obligation to bring out commonwealth laws. The chairman is the chief official in the executive, management branch, and also the bureaucracy"s power is obtained from that office.
To implement legislation method to _____. C) placed it right into effect and enforce itAnswer: to implement legislation way to put it right into effect and enforce it. Bureaucratic agencies develop regulations to it is in followed and inform the public of this rules. They additionally develop steps for dealing with those that violate the regulations.
Which the the complying with groups does the president many rely upon because that advice?B) Executice Office the the PresidentAnswer: The president most relies top top the executive, management Office the the President because that advice. Cabinet members, if appointed by the president, are most likely to have to take various other interests as well as his right into account. State governors are not likely to know as much about national issues as they do about state ones. The Congressional budget plan Office is relied top top by members the Congress, not by the president.
The president and Congress different in your _____. D) all of the over Answer: The president and Congress differ in all of these respects: your constituencies, election cycles, and also constitutional powers. Members the the home of representatives are chosen in districts because that two-year terms. Senators are elected by the entire state because that six-year terms. The entire country elects the president because that a four-year term. Congress and the president also have different powers, together spelled the end in short article I and Article II the the constitution respectively.
Which that the complying with presidential strength is a check on the authoritu of the judiciary?C) power to pardonAnswer: The power to pardon is a presidential examine on the government of the judiciary. The chairman may approve pardons to every persons accused or judge of commonwealth crimes except that the president can not undo a removal native office result from impeachment. A more presidential examine on the judiciary is the power to appoint all judges to the federal bench.
Which the the following people would no be abe to run for chairman under the Constitution?B) the branch of Hawaii, born in Japan Answer: The branch of Hawaii, born in Japan would certainly NOT be able to run because that president under the Constitution. Short article II, section 1 says, "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a citizens of the unified States, at the time of the fostering of this Constitution, shall it is in eligible come the Office of the President; no shall any kind of Person be eligible to the Office who shall not have attained come the period of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen year a Resident in ~ the unified States."
How go the Constitution limit presidential power?C) both A and also BAnswer: The Constitution limits presidential power both by make the president share functions like law making v Congress, and by request the president get approval because that appointments come the courts. Skepticism over the boundaries to presidential power is caused primarily by the truth that the constitutional definition of those strength is broad and unspecific. While the constitution lays out several of the president"s duties, and indicates details limits on his powers, lot remains very vague. That is not clear, because that example, just just how much additional power a chairman can claim on the communication of article II"s vesting the "the executive power" in the president. Accordingly, presidents are often left to define for themselves the boundaries of their powers under the large headings the "commander-in-chief" and so on.
The the strongest voice in shaping international policy belongs to _____. D) the presidentAnswer: The the strongest voice in shaping foreign policy belongs come the president. Especially when compared with residential policy, Congress and interest groups have a relatively smaller duty in do foreign and military plan than go the president. This is since the expertise forced in make foreign and also military plan is different, and also the president has institutional advantages.
When the president is managing the commonwealth bureaucracy and its plenty of programs and employees, he is acting as _____.
When the president is managing the federal bureaucracy and also its many programs and employees, he is acting together _____. B) cook executiveAnswer: once the chairman is managing the federal bureaucracy and also its plenty of programs and also employees, that is acting together chief executive. The Constitution states that "the executive power shall be vested in a president." Some analysts believe the this statement adds nothing come presidential power past the particular powers granted come the president, but most presidents have actually taken this i to average they have authority beyond that i beg your pardon is especially granted -- the authority innate in the executive, management branch of any type of government, whether mentioned or not.
In recent years, presidents have pertained to rely most heavily on the advice of _____. C) the executive Office that the PresidentAnswer: In recent years, presidents have concerned rely most greatly on the advice of the White residence staff. The White residence staff is composed of the president"s the next advisors, frequently including those who have accompanied the throughout lot of his political career. For example, throughout President Clinton"s first term, he chose his long-time friend thomas McLarty as chief of staff and his campaign chairman, Mickey Kantor, as U.S. Profession representative. President George W. Bush"s most trusted advisors space Karl Rove and also Karen Hughes, who have been with him since his days in the Texas governor"s mansion.
A president could persuade congress to happen a details bill by _____. A) threating come veto various other bills conference is eager to watch enactedAnswer: A president might persuade conference to pass a details bill by threaten to veto various other bills congress is eager to view enacted. The supreme Court has no voice in the legislative process, and also can only dominion on a law"s constitutionality ~ the fact.
Among the executive branch"s check on the legislative branch is the president"s strength to _____. A) veto receipt that have actually been pass by both House and also Senate Answer: amongst the executive branch"s checks on the legislature branch is the president"s power to veto bills that have been pass by both House and Senate. This is a well-known example of an executive examine on the legislature.
Which the the following officeholders might a president no dismiss?A) a federal court the appeals judgeAnswer: A president have the right to NOT dismiss a federal court of appeals judge. If a commonwealth judge is appointed through the president, as are the Secretary of State and also the manager of the CIA, the meeting is for "good behavior." In essence, this amounts to a life term, uneven the referee is impeached.
Executive enforment of judicial rulings deserve to be considered an instance of _____. A) checks and balancesAnswer: executive enforcement of righteousness rulings can be considered an example of checks and balances. The Constitution suggests that the president should bring out and also enforce court decisions, even when that disagrees v those rulings. In 1831, however, Andrew Jackson directly challenged this requirement. Once he protest a can be fried Court decision that would have actually returned Cherokee Indian floor to that tribe, chairman Jackson refuse to force the supreme Court"s ruling. The Cherokees lost their land and also were compelled to make a long march west come Oklahoma, ~ above what came to be known together the "Trail that Tears." by the 20th century, however, that was much more challenging for presidents to defy or refuse come enforce supreme Court decisions.
Under i beg your pardon of the following circumstances walk a president ususally experience a palliation of political power?
Under which of the following circumstances go a chairman ususally suffer a reduction of political power? B) the economic climate is act poorly, v high unemploymet ratesAnswer: A president generally experiences a palliation of political power when the economic situation is doing poorly, with high joblessness rates. Even though the president has fairly little control over the nation"s economy, the is likely to be offered credit because that its good performance, and to be blamed because that its negative performance. This is especially the instance if, prefer President George H.W. Bush, he shows up to be the end of touch with the public mood and indifferent come what is occurring. Chairman George H.W. Bush"s windy opinion rating to be at about 90% once the U.S. Easily won the Gulf War versus Iraq, however less than two years later he was defeated for re-election when the American economy began to weaken. President Clinton, through contrast, reaped the benefits of the longest peacetime expansion of the economy, hold high approval ratings in publicly opinion polls, even throughout a scandal that resulted in his impeachment through the residence of Representatives.

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Eligible voters can vote for every one of the following, except _____. C) president and also vice-presidentAnswer: civilization voting because that president are actually spreading their votes for electors who are pledged come that certain candidate. Presidents are chosen indirectly, by the Electoral College. The state legislatures determine exactly how electors in their states will be selected, however they cannot selected a president themselves. Conference does no elect the chairman either, since the U.S. Go not have a houses of parliament system.



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