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A boy pushed horizontally a.3.5 kg plastic chair across the slippery the acceleration of the plastic chair is 2.2 m/s2​
What is the net force in the figure below?a. 1 N, to the leftb. 1 N, to the rightc. 11 N, to the leftd. 11 N, to the right(the figure is on the pictur…e above)​
mars has very little volcanic activity which results to a thin atmosphere and cold surface temperature
Activity # 1: Every Breath You Take This activity will let you recall the structures and functions of the respiratory system. It is divided into two p…arts which will assess your understanding and familiarization of the structures. Identify and locate the parts of the respiratory system using the word bank below. z. 3 I CR 5 6 WORD BANK Trachea (windpipe) Lungs Nose Pharynx (throat) Larynx (voice box) Diaphragm Bronchi Alveoli Nasal cavity Epiglottis Bronchioles​
2. In which organ does exchange of gases take place?a. Gills of fishb. Trachea of manc. Air sacs of a mammald. Moist body of earthworm​
for illustration two boys which exerts 104 sun the box can are the two forces balanced yes or no what will be the net force in this situation are the…two forces applied on the box balanced or unbalanced ​
The sum of all the forces acting on the object is zero, which is the first condition ofit and it has two forms
In the table below, given are the element name all you have to do is to provide the symbol and vice-versa Name Symbol Н Hellum u Berylium Na Magnesium…K Calcium To further strengthen concepts you have learned, you can answer the following questions: (1) How many elements are listed in the periodic table? (2) Are elements in the periodic table arranged logically? Why? (3) How is the first letter of the element symbol written? (4) Are the elements with two letter symbol? (5) Is it possible that there are elements with the same property? Refer to the periodic table. Answer the following: 1. List the elements that belong to group #11 2. At what group number does Sc belong? 3. Which element does not belong to group? Zn, Cd, Hg, Cn and Hs. 4. What is symbol of Xenon? 5. What element symbol belongs to family # 152​

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