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Really?? where they?????????


Man, miscellaneous I have in common with them! Mine is not that serious though. Yet I confused words and also I have the right to write stuff incorrectly an extremely easily. That's why I modify a lot my posts.

Here come the sun….. Scoobie-doobie……

Something in the way she moves…..attracts me like a cauliflower…

Bop. Bop, cat bop. Go, Johnny, Go.

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Beware the Darkness…

mithveaen said:

Really?? wherein they?????????


Man, other I have actually in usual with them! Mine is no that significant though. Yet I confuse words and also I have the right to write ingredient incorrectly really easily. That's why I modify a lot mine posts.

I've obtained it too, mine isn't bad either. I offered to feel really bad about it, but one work I saw 70 famed Dyslexics and John was there. Then ns looked also deeper and found that Paul had it too. However they were the finest songwriters ever. Currently I don't feel negative anymore.

Remember the totality Sky and Joe dont have youngsters thing? That finished up me fustrated. Its because I wasent able come get every little thing I want to speak on the computer system screen and Mrs. Mustard wasent helping.

skye said:

I've review that around John, however never v Paul. Might I ask whereby you found about this?

I cant fairly recall whereby it said about Paul. I carry out remember despite he was misdiagnosed with AD/HD, and also turned the end to it is in dyslexic.

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Dear Prudence said:

mental the entirety Sky and Joe not have children thing? That ended up me fustrated. Its since I wasent able come get whatever I wanted to to speak on the computer system screen and Mrs. Mustard wasent helping.

Sorry. That was just funny to mess through you. Yet you like the Beatles, for this reason how deserve to I not be forgiven?