Which is heavier 2 lb of bricks or feathers?

So this concern is kinda tricky, however the price is that they sweet the same. Because it is currently mentioned the a feather weighs 1 pound and so a brick additionally weighs 1 pound.

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Which has more mass a pound of feather or a pound of bricks?

Which weighs an ext a lb of feathers or a pound of bricks riddle answer? E.g: load of a feather would be 0.0082 grams whereas the weight of a brick would certainly be 450 grams. But according come question, both the the objects sweet the same. So their weight must be equal.

What is heavier a lb of feathers or a pound of rocks?

Riddle: which is heavier, a lb of feather or a pound of rocks? Answer: They room the very same weight (pound equals pound).

What has an ext volume a lb of feather or a lb of command Why?

“Which weighs more—a lb of lead or a pound of feathers?” The seemingly naïve answer come this acquainted riddle is the lb of lead whereas the correct answer is the they sweet the exact same amount.

Which is more heavier of a lb of feather or a pound of gold?

A lb of feathers is heavier 보다 a lb of gold since gold is measured in troy pounds, when feathers room measured in avoirdupois pounds. Troy pounds space made the 12 ounces and also avoirdupois pounds have actually 16 ounces. A trojan pound contains 372 grams in the metric system, and an avoirdupois pound consists of 454 grams.

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Which is more heavier 200 pounds of feather or fifty percent bricks?

Actually, it would certainly be the bricks. One brick weighs 6 pounds. 200 pounds of feathers would certainly be exact, however assuming you’re utilizing bricks or fifty percent bricks, you’re bound come have much more Neither one weighs more. Castle both 200 pounds

How much does 200 pounds of feathers weigh?

I would guess 200 pounds the bricks because that would certainly buy friend a decent amount of bricks however even the quantity of feathers 200 pounds can buy wouldnt sweet as lot as the bricks however I truly do not recognize the walking price of either feathers or bricks in pounds so. It expected the weight of the items.

Which is more heavier a pan or a ton the bricks?

– take a pan and weight one ton of bricks. – now take a spaceship and also go to the moon. Likewise take the second pan through you. – sweet one ton of feather there. – Come ago to earth. Placed both the pans top top the either side of a balancing pan. You will find that the pan v feathers weighs much more than the pan v bricks.. What come do..I’m one Engineer..