Imagine firing a gun in ~ a plum pudding. You would certainly be extremelysurprised if the cartridge bounced back.

Rutherford directed a beam of alpha particles at gold foil.While the bulk went through, a number to be detected comes backtowards the alpha source.

If the protons and electrons in an atom were like a plum puddingno alpha particles would certainly come back.

If lock were prefer ball bearings filling the entire atom nonewould get through

However, most went through and a few bounced back, demonstratingthat the hopeful charge was focused in a little nucleus. Thenumbers being deflected earlier or at assorted other angles agreed withinverse square repulsion in between the alpha particle and thenucleus, mirroring that the alpha particles never ever actually hit thenucleus, and also thus the maximum dimension of the nucleus could bedetermined (about 1/10000 that the diameter of the atom)

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