In the Australian Alps in 1880, a young stockman, Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) need to prove his worth when a beneficial colt runs off to sign up with a mob of brumbies. The colt’s rich owner, Harrison (Kirk Douglas), supplies a reward, yet Jim rides to clear his name and also win a different prize – Harrison’s headstrong daughter Jessica (Sigrid Thornton).--Synopsis native Australian display Online (

Adaptation of: The man From Snowy river (Poem) (Paterson, A.B "Banjo", 1890)Banjo Paterson"s poem was adapted for the screen by George Miller. The city spawned 2 films and also a TV series.

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Craig"s Hut, High Country, Victoria
Craig"s Hut is the shooting ar of Jim Craig"s mountain cabin, which has been rebuilt adhering to buhfires in the area and is located at an altitude the 1438m

Craig’sHut on Mt Stirling was built as a collection for The male from Snowy flow film. That burneddown in December 2006 in the good Divide bushfire that burned a million hectaresof land end 69 days. Craig’s Hut to be rebuilt in 2008.


Jessica"s Cliff, High Country, Victoria
The location where the heroine, Jessica, is rescued by Jim Craig ~ she drops over the next of a cliff is in ~ Hell"s window (Mt Heritt-Mt Magdala). Jim is droving livestock atop Mt Stirling once he find Jessica"s tracks and also her horse, Kit. The finds she after riding along a rocky ridge and also lowers his stockwhip to help her rise to safety.

The lower from Mt Magdala and also Mt Hewitt is called the Devil"s Staircase since it is so steep. "Jessica"s Cliff," or the ar where Jesica falls down ~ above a ledge and also is rescued by Jim, is at Hell"s window is due eastern of Mt Magdala.

"He hails indigenous Snowy River, up by Kosciusko"s side,Where the hills room twice as steep and twice as rough,Where a horse"s hoofs strike firelight indigenous the flint stones every stride,The guy that holds his very own is an excellent enough."

A.B. "Banjo" Paterson (1890)

The scene in which the cracked riders chase the brumbies with the river as they shot to recapture the thoroughbred colt to be filmed along the Hoqwua River.

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"And the Snowy river riders on the mountains make their home,Where the flow runs those gigantic hills between"

A. B. "Banjo" Paterson (1890)

In the film, Clancy states "Jim, grandfather Harrison was simply talking that taming the Snowy flow country. You understand it better than anyone. What do you think?"

Jim replies: "Well, sir, i think you could sooner hold back the tide than tame the mountains."

 Mt Stirling is the shooting ar for countless scenes in the film. The step in which the brumbies gallop with the eye is filmed top top the summit of Mt Stirling.