With Pokemon Yellow currently officially easily accessible on the Nintendo 3DS, we’ve made a overview detailing how to catch one of the original three starter Pokemon – Squirtle.

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Pokemon Yellow Squirtle Guide

With Pokemon Yellow now officially easily accessible on the Nintenexecute 3DS, we’ve made a overview detailing just how to catch one of the original 3 starter Pokemon – Squirtle.

As any type of aspiring Pokemon Master has come to realize, recording ’em all is a fairly challenging task in the original pair of games. Undoubtedly, with one-off starter monsters only being made accessible by owning a 2nd version of the exact same game exclusively for trading objectives, it can become difficult and expensive to secure all of the beasts. Fortunately, Pokemon Yellow has done away with that by enabling fans to attain eexceptionally single one of them by completing tasks and talking to trainers. The only capture is that they have the right to be conveniently missed.

Luckily for gamers, Squirtle is among the easier beasts to acquire, as it"s just sindicate offered to those that prove their worth as a trainer. With that sassist, failing to soptimal to the appropriate individual will encertain that Squirtle never joins your squad, and also that would be a big mistake offered the power that the creature, and also its evolutions, contain within Pokemon Yellow.

Without any kind of even more ado, let’s catch a Squirtle!

Tip 1: Go to Vermilion City

This will certainly be the following town that trainers arrive at after wrapping up the occasions in Cerulean City. Players need only head South from that town, take the underground passage, and save heading South until they arrive. Despite being located close to the ocean, however, players will not have actually time to relax, as tright here is a fairly hard battle ahead of them.

Tip 2: Defeat Gym Leader Lt. Surge

This one have the right to be tricky, as there"s a tree blocking the entrance to the gym. Players will have to talk to the captain of the S.S. Anne in order to obtain HM01, at which point they can teach among their Pokemon the move "Cut" to rerelocate the obstacle. Once inside, yet, they"ll be greeted via a garbage can-based puzzle preventing them from directly taking on Lt. Surge.

This is a actual doozy, and there"s no certain way to gain by it. As a item of advice though, as soon as a button within one of the barrels has been found, the second one will generate in one nearby to it. Failing to identify the next one will rebegin the puzzle everywhere again though, so patience will be a virtue during this percentage of Pokemon Yellow.

Once that"s been accomplished, simply defeat Surge and his level 28 Raichu. This isn"t a daunting job for those with Ground or Rock-form Pokemon at their disposal, so players should ensure that they"ve obtained at leastern one of those in their arsenal before attempting to take on the gym leader.

Step 3: Encertain There"s Gap in Your Party

If you stocked up on Diglets and the like prior to taking on Surge, then head on over to the Pokemon Center"s COMPUTER and also deposit a Pokemon to make certain that there"s sufficient room for Squirtle. If you"ve currently obtained a vacant spot on your 6-Pokemon roster, then simply continue to Tip 4.

Step 4: Talk to Officer Jenny

Head ago into the facility of Vermilion City and also stop to the police officer simply standing tright here. After talking via her, she"ll indevelop you that she"s captured a mischievous Squirtle and is looking to offer it to a solid trainer. If you"ve complied with this guide and beat Lt. Surge, then Officer Jenny will simply hand also the Water-type over to you through no strings attached. Congratulations, you’ve simply included Squirtle to your ever-growing team of Pocket Monsters!

Squirtle is a rather easy one to include to your team, however it have the right to be easily missed for those that didn"t know to pay attention for it.

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Of course, via the capability to export Pokemon from this game over to Pokemon Sun and Moon, it"s absolutely an important creature to have actually on your roster – if only for that factor

Struggling with capturing the various other starter Pokemon? We’ve gained guides to help you there too! They deserve to be checked out by following the links below:

How are you enjoying Pokemon Yellow so far? Did you manage to add Squirtle to your party? Get at us in the comments.