"I did something" is an easy past tense. It means you carry out the action at part time in the past and also it is now complete.

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"I have actually done something" is present perfect. It suggests that an activity that began in the past and continues right into the present, or who effects proceed into the present. The can likewise be used to indicate an indefinite time.

"I wore a green shirt." i did it in ~ some specific time in the past.

"I have actually been put on a environment-friendly shirt." I placed it ~ above in the past and also I still have it on, or I frequently wear it.

"I have actually worn green shirts." I have actually done this at some unspecified time in the past.

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“*I done something” is no grammatical. The verb type done is a previous participle. A participle cannot have actually a topic (I).

A participle can be component of a link verb form, such as perfect elements (see below) or the passive voice (“Something is exctennis2007.orgent by me”). The other main use of past participles is together adjectives; this is fairly uncommon with done because it it s okay so lot use together a verb and also auxiliary, but it deserve to happen.

“I have actually done something” offers a existing perfect. The existing perfect is created by acquisition the current tense of the verb have and including the past participle that the verb.

The current perfect is just one of the two key past time form in English. The various other one is the basic past (also dubbed preterite): “I go that”. It have the right to sometimes be daunting to know when to usage a current perfect and also when to usage a simple past, yet there is a general rule:

Use a simple past come state the an action was done at a details time in the previous (“I did the yesterday”) or in a rigid in the past tense (most fiction books use the basic past).

Both of these forms also have consistent forms (“I to be doing”, “I have been doing”) which are used for actions which are ongoing, i.e. The lasted because that a period that is longer than what the sentence is about.

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I functioned in London native 2001 come 2004. ns was working in London when I met mine wife. ns have worked in London, I understand how poor the commute have the right to be. I have actually been functioning in London for five years.

Using the previous participle rather of the preterit form, together in “I done something”, is something that some natives do and that you should not imitate. That is linked with several renowned or vulgar variants of English. In part circumstances, it can make friend percieved as uneducated or uncouth, or worse, be understood as a mockery. That"s an extremely dependent top top the context, the course: if you speak it through a recognizable foreign accent, it"ll just be interpreted as a foreigner"s mistake.