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I require help! i have been dating a man for just over 2 months and also everything has been going so well till he had some an individual issues going on which had actually nothing to carry out with me. Ns told him everything the result is I desire to lug on seeing you and also he also agreed. He claimed his feelings in the direction of me havnt adjusted and us both argeed to store seeing eachother. We spoke every job after that and before. He’s very sweet and always asked me questions about my day. I choose to arrangement things v him and also he slowly ended up being distant. The went from a few times a week to seeing him as soon as every 2 weeks. Ns finally challenged him about it and also he said “I don’t want to walk far from you yet I cant commit till I sort everything out” I argued giving him room which i have stuck to. I’m just not certain what is going on. Ns don’t want to shed him either

hailey says

February 17, 2020 in ~ 6:31 pm

I’ve remained in a partnership with a guy for a year now. Because of college and stuff, we have been on/off lengthy distance. At this point, us are long distance till we decide that we’re prepared to relocate in together. The point is: i’m ready. And long distance? not something I have the right to mentally manage for that lot longer. Yet he’s so indifferent about moving in, in spite of saying that he loves me and wants to make this work. I don’t understand if I have the right to handle this distance, nothing ns do have the right to ease the insecurity i feel indigenous it. But I think informing him ns can’t take care of it will mean breaking up, and I don’t desire to shed him since he is so special. What is the appropriate choice??

bailee says

January 7, 2020 at 1:32 pm

I have been "hanging out" through a guy for a year and 1/2. He told me in ~ the beginning he to be not looking for anything and also we ongoing hanging the end every day yet he likewise continued resting with other women. We both started to have actually feelings, me method more than him in ~ first. Then, once I began to relocate away for college that confessed his love for me and also said the he wanted to date. Now, a whole four months later on we room still hanging out, closer than ever but still do not date. His house town is 3 thousand miles away from mine and he will only be in my town for work for a pair more month then will return back to his home. I still have actually suspicions the him talk to other women. (not hanging out v them due to the fact that he and I space together work in and day out). Any suggestions on this situation?

Bella says

April 24, 2019 at 10:34 pm

So I accomplish this male online, and also been talk for a while. When we are together in human it’s constantly amazing and also feels right. Yet recently he’s had a lot of personal issues arising and he ‘can’t it is in in a partnership right now.’ He’s says he doesn’t desire to shed me yet I’m not so sure since it’s feeling like I’m hindering that from his problems. I’m just not sure where to stand because I really haven’t feel this close come anyone, however at the exact same time ns don’t desire to dangle ~ above this string come seem choose it’s it s okay tossing me aside when instances get tough.

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Ashley says

October 30, 2018 in ~ 2:04 pm

I have totally BEEN THERE! Girls, allow me tell friend - to walk AWAY. Execute NOT perform the emotional roller coaster that has actually been mine life for the critical 4 months. Ns am crazy about this guy. As in "the one" because that me type of crazy. No felt these feelings form of crazy about this guy...he has "said" the is also - his behavior was showing it for this reason I assumed anyway till he "got scared."

At that point, the back and soon ensued. I also started date someone else! the made the come ago like a tsunami! today he ultimately says "You scare the s*** the end of me and I am not prepared to take that threat yet. I"m sorry yet I"m not." it s okay fine - he"s no ready. I obtain it. I"ve been there. That"s why I had actually to shut the door on him numerous months before - to maintain my very own sanity. I KNEW that wasn"t ready. I could tell v his actions the wasn"t. And also today I gain hit through the ever before wonderful "I don"t want to lose you" after questioning why that relentlessly pursued me knowing I was dating someone else. "I don"t want to lose you. I"m gift selfish. You deserve more. I"m sorry."

So this is mine advice come this young lady and every one of us other ladies who are in or have remained in this place - go do you, girl. Go and also do you. Every little thing that is for you. Execute YOU. I"m a mommy of 2 beautiful kids. I"m going to go do me. I enjoy dating and also meeting various people. I"m going come go and do me. I"m walking to expropriate my worth. I"m going come go and also do me. Girls, it"s yes, really hard. No going to lie! I want to message him every day! I desire to profess mine undying love for him over and also over and over again yet that"s not going to execute anything however put extr pressure on an already commitment phobic dude.

We"ve acquired this, ladies! We room independent! We are strong! We room beautiful! and WE room WORTH IT!