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I have actually a young crepe myrtle tree. It bloomed beautiful this spring, and I've trimmed the old flowers, and also I'm already seeing new flowers. Plenty of leaves of the tree are transforming orange and also falling off. When I very first noticed this, ns pruned to eliminate the ceiling spots. New growth has actually been vigorous.

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But I'm noticing that it's losing leaves again. We're dried here, but there's a an excellent layer of mulch, and I don't think it's gaining too lot or too tiny water. Also, i fertilized it as soon as this spring. Any kind of idea why the tree appears to think it's autumn? hardiness Zone: 8a Kim native Niceville, FL


Kim,It's sometimes difficult to explain why tree suddenly start to drop healthy and balanced leaves, specifically in her case, once you're reasonably certain you've been maintaining appropriate moisture levels. In particular trees (maple, birch, elm, tulip trees) this is actually thought about normal behavior. It can be typical for your tree, too, as you stated its brand-new growth has been vigorous this year. After ~ a duration of hot, dry weather complying with an optimal spring v wet, lush farming conditions, trees deserve to actually develop an overabundance of leaves. When the tree comes under stress and anxiety (your recent dry spell), that sheds several of its leaves rather than trying to maintain every one of the overabundance foliage. What it may be doing is make the efforts to keep a balance in between its above ground (foliage)and below ground (roots) growth.
What comes to me around your situation is the reality that your tree is young and also that its leaves are turning color before dropping. The change in leaf color so prematurely is typically an indication the the tree is experiencing considerable stress-not vital dying or even severely damaged, yet in need of some distinct attention. Friend should inspect for indicators of source or trunk damage and also insect problems. A condition that reasons premature discoloration and leaf drop is verticillium wilt. This condition causes blockages in the tree's vascular system. In the at an early stage stages, a few branches might start to decline and fall leaves. Together it progresses, totality branches start to die. The disease can take number of years to construct or that can occur all in ~ once. When underway, this condition is an overwhelming to regulate in trees. Crepe Myrtle trees space not well-known to be vulnerable to this disease, yet it's something come watch out for.
EllenAbout The Author: Ellen Brown is our green Living and Gardening Expert. Ellen Brown is an environmental writer and photographer and also the owner of Sustainable Media, an ecological media company that specialization in helping businesses and also organizations promote environment-friendly products and services.


Leaves Falling off a Crepe Myrtle Tree Early

I have around 11 tires (over ten year old) crepe myrtles all over this large corner residential lot, and also have learned the in north Texas whereby the tempersture is high in summer, regularly humid, this is the most lucrative longest flowering tree of every times, at least for Texas. This is what ns do:Choosing only good stock, about 4-5 feet tall, ns plant castle in affluent soil, 1/3 peat-1/3 compost-1/3 sandy loam. I hardly ever water them, only around 1-2 times monthly, and also less in the rainy seasons.
Watch closely for white mildew, carefully and also immediately removed (paper sacking) any leaves, stems, or flower that show early signs of this. It is one of their few or only problems and an indication the they don't favor their location, the they may be overcrowded or near too lot water or other infected plants. To wash hands very closely after handling, since each \"spore\" will reinfect the tree. Seal and toss the infected, sacked leaves, stems, and also buds right into the garbage.I clip off every single dead stem, little to large, every season, especially any unwanted suckers turn off the base, letting the plants rest throughout the winter. I do not fertilize much at all, but around every third year I give them bloom food. I permit the pipeline that loss from them to become their nitrogen because that the following year unless there is any type of powdery mildew ~ above them.

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I prefer to save each plant to either a solitary stalk prefer a conventional tree, or come no more than 5-8 key stalks because that the biggest blooms, also though this takes longer to train. I have actually the healthiest trees in the totality city. Mine neighbor, however, likes the over-bushy look with several smaller blooms and also which takes increase a the majority of ground space.I discover that the tree tolerates and also enjoys a tool 1 inch layer of carefully chopped pine bark mulch or grass clippings during the driest times.My mommy paid $7,000 because that a 20 foot lavender blue crepe to be moved from one residential or commercial property to the next, which was the most elegant to mark of her front yard due to the fact that she planted it in ~ a 12 foot circular cutout from the big amount of accumulation cement/stone broad walkways that lead from her tall contemporary home's entry. It is the envy of all her neighbors, they each stopped to say. It lives today after she having had it because that over 20 years.