It is this quote the has defined the second leading scorer in the NBA, Kevin Durant. In his 3rd year, Kevin Durant is averaging much more than 28 points per game, his job high. In his seventh season, Durant is averaging more than 32 points per video game well on his method to to win his 4th scoring title. There is no doubt between anyone that Kevin Durant is just one of the top players in the NBA today.

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Kevin Durant flourished up in Washington D.C and also started playing basketball at a young age. Kevin and his brother would certainly both take part in sporting activities at their local Boys & girl club, especially basketball. As a child, Kevin was ideal friends with Michael Beasley, Miami warmth Forward, and also often would ride the bus v each other. Richard Wyatt Jr., also a friend of Durant, proclaimed that Kevin “was no that good” in basketball and that “he had actually to work-related at it.”

Kevin Durant would almost live in the gym, as he would practice almost 9 to 10 hours a day. That would only be a matter of time prior to that difficult work would certainly pay off. According to his website, Kevin would certainly run up and down a adjacent hill frequently and also would also do 500 push-ups and also 1,000 toe raises. In an interview with The Seattle Times, Kevin stated that the honestly did not know how he did all those things as soon as he was younger and that that “just wanted to it is in great.”

In his small year in High School, Kevin moved to Oak Hill academy where he would play with point guard Ty Lawson, 2009 ACC Player that the Year. In his junior year in High school Kevin averaged 19.6 point out per video game and nearly 9 rebounds per video game as well. Together his senior year approached, Kevin climate went on come play under famous high college basketball coach Stu Vetter in nationwide Christian Academy. Over there Kevin averaged a double double with 23.6 points every game and 10.9 rebounds every game. He was called to the McDonald’s all American Team.As his high school career began to end, Kevin Durant was among the peak high institution basketball football player in the country. That would later go on to play because that the university of Texas whereby he would player under rick Barnes. Kevin would remain in Texas because that one year, but in that one year he established himself as among the nation’s optimal players in the nation. In his freshmen year, Kevin collection the single-season school also as large 12 document for points in a season with 903. He also collection the single-season document for many rebounds in a season v 390. Kevin Durant would end his freshmen year losing in the second round in the NCAA tournament to the college of southern California. However, Kevin was virtually at the top of every NBA groups list in agree prospects.

Kevin Durant left the college of Texas after ~ one year and also would go into himself in the NBA Draft whereby he was drafted 2nd to the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise. In his rookie year Kevin averaged 20.3 points per game and was named in the very first team All-Rookie Team and also winning the coveted Rookie that the Year award.

Now, with just three periods under his belt, Kevin Durant is now one that the height basketball football player in the world. Presently, Kevin is having an remarkable season and also his ideal yet. The Oklahoma City Thunder is ranked fifth in the west Conference and also is right now riding ~ above a six game winning streak. That is for sure to say the the team success is partially due to Kevin Durant, that is living proof that success come with tough work.

Updated 11/2012 by MikeNow, with only five full periods under his belt, Kevin Durant is a perennially MVP contender. He has actually won three consecutive scoring titles and also he led his team to the NBA Finals last season. An MVP and an NBA Championship are absolutely in his future, difficult work yes, really does pay off.

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Updated 3/2014 by MikeAfter six full seasons, Kevin Durant has actually won three scoring titles and also continues to it is in a perennially MVP contender. During the 2013-14 season, he took his offensive video game to yet another level – averaging a job high 32+ points every game. Countless expect him to accomplish his very first MVP compensation this season. Durant continues to prove that tough work pays off.