In our guide, uncover all you need to know about C batteries, the various types, and how they have the right to be used.

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What room C Batteries?

C batteries room a extensively used kind of dry cell battery. Dry cells were developed to operate with minimal inner moisture, making this batteries appropriate for portable devices. The most familiar dry cell battery sizes are AA and AAA, however, this are smaller than size C battery which means that they have a more limited lifespan.

C batteries carry out a reliable and long-lasting charge for tools with medium-to-high power usage needs.

This includes:




Intruder alarms

Musical instruments



C battery are additionally known together R14s or C LR14 batteries, after their designation by the global Electrotechnical commission (IEC), a prominent electrical standards body.

C battery Size

Although it is possible for C-cell batteries to have different capacities and also voltages, the physical size stays the same. C kind batteries are constructed to a standard dimension to certain maximum compatibility v both devices and also accessories such as battery holders.

C-sized battery are smaller sized than D batteries but larger than AA and AAA batteries. Lock are:

50mm or 1.97 customs in length

26.2mm or 1.03 inches in diameter

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C batteries by Chemical

C battery are differentiated not just by your capacity and also Voltage but additionally by the key materials offered in their construction.

Lithium and also alkaline batteries are common types, together explored in the following sections:

Alkaline C Battery

An alkaline C battery is based approximately an alkaline electrolyte (anti-acidic electrically-conducting blend) of potassium hydroxide. Many thanks to their energy density and long shelf life, alkaline C battery are among the most widely used varieties of batteries. Castle are commonly found in a variety of day-to-day household items.

Lithium C Batteries

Lithium C battery utilise the metallic facet lithium as the main anode (central conductor). Castle are noted for their lengthy lives, but they are unique from the rechargeable lithium-ion battery typically included in portable electronic gadgets such as smartphones and also laptops. The latter derive their charge from the motion of lithium ions.

C Battery Voltage

Batteries are identified by their Voltage - the toughness of their electrical charge. Each battery is labelled through a nominal Voltage which defines the battery capacity in appropriate conditions. In practice, though, the voltage discharge price varies according to the problems in which that is operating.

The an essential nominal C battery volts for consumer-level non-rechargeable batteries space as follows:

1.5 Volt C batteries are standard, non-rechargeable batteries that are typically used in day-to-day household items.


3V C batteries are generally used for professional, moderate drainpipe applications rather than day-to-day household purposes.


Typical Applications:Smart gas metersGas and leak detectorsOil tank level monitoringPetrochemical facilitiesMining applicationsShop 3V C Batteries

Typical Applications:Utility meters and automatic meter readersBuoysMeasuring EquipmentProfessional ElectronicsIndustrial ApplicationsShop 3.6V C batteries

There are two principal species of C battery – traditional (non-rechargeable) and also rechargeable. Both C battery species have strengths and weaknesses when compared to every other, therefore it’s necessary to totally understand the differences and also select the best varieties of C batteries for your particular application.

Rechargeable C batteries have the right to be recharged numerous times, making them a important sustainable choice. Some rechargeable battery are built into the maker that they strength while removable models require a separate adapter or size C battery charger because that the charging process. They might or might not arrive pre-charged.

Various battery chargers because that C batteries space available. Lock offer various features and options including chemical compatibility and also the variety of batteries that have the right to be charged simultaneously, as well as varying dimensions and also plug types.

Common types of rechargeable C batteries include:

• NiMH (nickel-metal hydride)

• NiCd (nickel-cadmium, additionally known as NiCad or Ni-Cads)

• Li-ion (lithium iron)

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What room the ideal C Batteries?

The finest C batteries will ultimately depend ~ above your certain requirements. However, you should always make certain to pick high-quality battery from a trusted manufacturer for long-lasting power in both standard and high-drain applications.

Can You fee Non-Rechargeable Batteries?

No. Non-rechargeable battery are merely not design to it is in charged and attempting to carry out so might lead to ruptures, overheating and also even explosions. Conventional batteries cannot store excess electrons since they have actually no means to perform so; when all the save electrons have been depleted, the battery i do not care inert. By contrast, rechargeable batteries execute contain chemicals that can store overabundance electrons and also these reservoirs space filled by the battery pack during the charging process.

Can friend Recycle C Batteries?

C batteries deserve to be recycle alongside other standard battery sizes. In some components of the, regional authorities expropriate batteries in standard refuse arsenal services. In others, friend will must take the used batteries to a recycling centre or collection allude to ensure ideal disposal. Old battery are broken down into constituent materials for reuse.

How long Do C battery Last?

The lifespan of a C battery depends on the details model and size, and also the power consumption of the machine where that is gift used. ~ above average, a typical 1.5V LR14 battery must last an ext than 18 hours when discharged in ~ a price of 200mA (milliamps). Milliamps space 1.000th of an amp, the an easy unit of electrical current.

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Rechargeable size C batteries typically have a capacity of in between 2200 and also 4500 mAh (milliamp hours). The last is enough to power a strong torch for over six hours.