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What go it mean when a man calls girlfriend beautiful?

Who doesn’t prefer receiving compliments?

Well, granted, some of us have the right to feel a little bit awkward when we acquire a compliment – specifically from a stranger or from someone we aren’t supplied to getting compliments from.

Another point you’re more than likely wondering if a guy compliments you is: what exactly did he average by that?

Was that hitting ~ above me or just randomly throwing the end compliments? Why did he to speak “beautiful” or “cute”?

Is there any kind of reason men do anything?

Well, yes.

Here’s a guide to what males usually median when they call you beautiful or cute.

1. He is being spontaneous

It’s no mystery that males tend come be an extremely visual. Periodically a guy is genuinely get over by your beauty and will tell girlfriend you’re beautiful, stunning, gorgeous or elegant without even thinking around it.

The indigenous will just pop out due to the fact that he doesn’t know what rather to say.

Nice to recognize you can have that effect, no?

This no necessarily typical he’s make a move on girlfriend or has an agenda. In this case, the man is simply straight increase expressing his admiration.

2. He way it ~ above a depth level

If you’re date or in a relationship, a guy may call you beautiful and mean it in a holistic way.

He way that your beauty exterior is suitable by your inner loveliness, the caring, and strength of her personality.


When a guy method things this way he regularly is speak he appreciates you on a depths level and admires her behavior and character and your physics attractiveness.

Men aren’t always shallow and this is proof.

3. The loves the method you think – and also create

Men have the right to get an extremely turned on through the method your mental works and also the way you create and also imagine.

He may say you’re beautiful in a method that way the means you check out the world and think about it impresses him and also makes him feeling admiration and attraction.

Whether he’s fascinated by a hobby friend do, her beautiful singing or the way you respond come situations and also life, he’s giving you a profound compliment here and he’s most likely feeling pretty strong feelings for you, too.

4. He’s in love

Sometimes once a guy calls you beautiful that simply because he’s in love. That doesn’t bother to say it to a girl he’s only after for a night or 2 – he says it come you due to the fact that he feeling something deeper.

When the calls friend beautiful he’s making it clear that you mean an ext to him than something casual and that he wants to refer a deeper level that appreciation and also connection.

He’s calling you beautiful due to the fact that you average a lot come him, soak the in.

5. He desires to be your hero

Men have a herbal inclination to protect the mrs they love.

In fact, a study released in Physiology & behavior journal mirrors that male’s testosterone make them feel protective over your love interest’s safety and wellbeing.

If he is calling you beautiful, then he probably likes you.

And if the likes you, then he probably has a herbal inclination to action up come the plate and be her hero.

Does that also try to safeguard you?

Not simply from physics harm, yet does that make certain you’re defended when any negative situation arises?

If he does, climate congratulations. This man is crushing on you and also undoubtedly has the feels because that you.

There’s in reality a fascinating brand-new concept in relationship psychology that’s acquiring a many buzz at the moment. That goes come the heart of the riddle about why men loss in love—and that they loss in love with.

The theory cases that guys want come be your hero. That they desire to action up to the plate for the woman in their lives and carry out and protect her.

This is deeply rooted in masculine biology.

People room calling the the hero instinct. I composed a thorough primer about the concept which you have the right to read here.

The kicker is that a man won’t loss in love v you once he no feel prefer your hero.

He desires to see himself together a protector. As someone, you genuinely want and need to have actually around. No as one accessory, ‘best friend’, or ‘partner in crime’.

I know this can sound a little bit silly. In this day and age, females don’t require someone come rescue them. Lock don’t need a ‘hero’ in their lives.

And ns couldn’t agree more.

But here’s the ironic truth. Males do still must be a hero. Because it’s developed into ours DNA to seek out relationship that enable us come feel choose a protector.

If you would prefer to learn an ext about the hero instinct, check out this totally free online video by the partnership psychologist that coined the term. He offers a fascinating insight into this brand-new concept.

6. Her beauty surpasses the physical

When that calls girlfriend beautiful that sees an ext than just your body.

Which is no to to speak he doesn’t appreciate your body (damn girl, you are looking fine over there and you understand it).

But really, as soon as he’s making use of a word favor beautiful or elegant he is seeing more than just your curves and also you deserve to bet his heart is pumping a bit harder than usual.

7. He to know you aren’t ‘easy’

Sometimes a male calls girlfriend beautiful due to the fact that he knows you’re not “easy” and that you a little beyond his reach.

He might be in admiration of you and even feel a little insecure exactly how to connect with you and also show the he cares.

He doesn’t desire to punch it through you and also he’s doing his best to display you’re an ext to him than just a great time.

8. He’s responding to your own confidence

When a man can sense her inner confidence and also self-love he responds through awe and also love. As the shaman Rudá Iandê teaches in his free Ideapod masterclass ~ above love and intimacy, self-love and self-integration space the an initial and key step to finding true love externally.

Your charisma and also charm emanate native you and also cause that to feeling amazed and attracted.

He calls friend beautiful together a organic reaction come the inner and also outer beauty the you embody. That only herbal …

9. He’s complete of proud to be at her side

When a man feels proud to be at her side he will speak to you beautiful to display that the recognizes and also celebrates your value.

He’s proud to present you and also to be seen in public through you because he worths your true inner and also outer beauty.

He feeling blessed simply to bask in it and have girlfriend around. Win-win.

10. What walk Sigmund Freud say?

To decipher what it method when a male calls girlfriend beautiful, you require real and also honest advice.

Having learned relationships and psychology most of mine adult life, I recognize a point or two around it.

But why not turn to the most famed psychologist the all?

Yes, Sigmund Freud have the right to tell you whether he likes you or not.

Simply take this brilliant quiz from my friends in ~ Ideapod. Prize a few personal questions and also Freud himself will certainly dredge with all the subconscious worries motivating your guy to provide you the most accurate (and downright fun) answer of all.

Sigmund Freud to be the grand master at understanding sex and also attraction. This quiz is the next ideal thing to setting down one-on-one with the renowned psychoanalyst.

I take it it myself a couple of weeks earlier and was amazed in ~ the distinct insights ns received.

Check the end this ridiculously funny quiz here.

What about when the calls you ‘cute’?

Cute is an amazing word and it have the right to mean a lot of things. Generally, that a tiny different than once a man calls girlfriend beautiful or a an in similar way elevated word. Here’s what he’s likely acquired in mental – and also in heart – if he calls girlfriend cute.

11. He means you’re sweet

Cute often method that you have actually a sweet personality.

It deserve to sometimes come off choose he’s saying you’re not severe or not a woman he’d really consider gf or wife material.

But it doesn’t necessarily median that. Taking it the good way method you’re accepting that he finds her personality wonderful and also feminine, i beg your pardon is very attractive come a man.

12. You’re fun to it is in around

Cute can additionally mean that you’re a many fun to it is in around.


It means he’s comfortable with you and he’s enjoy it his time together.

Can this blossom into romance? noþeles is possible, and also cute might be the first stepping stone.

13. He is digging just how chill you are

Let’s it is in honest, a man doesn’t speak to you cute if you do him feel negative or stressed the end by her behavior. If he is calling friend cute he is liking how relaxed girlfriend are.

He’s enjoy it the rest from drama, gossip and problems.

He likes being about you and also your chill energy. Sounds great to me.

14. He appreciates your organic beauty

Like i wrote, being dubbed cute doesn’t median you aren’t additionally beautiful.

Often a guy will speak to you cute as a sign of exactly how much he likes your natural beauty. He way it in the finest way.

You’re a natural woman that takes it simple on the makeup and also highly perfected look and also lets your hair down.

And he is loving it.

15. He is attracted come you yet shy

If a man feels shy yet he’s burning up inside v desire and attraction occasionally cute is the best he deserve to do.

He desires to speak you take his breath away and also he prizes every minute with you.

But he likewise hasn’t got to that level that confidence wherein he’s OK being a walking Hallmark card.

So that calls friend cute. And it’s kind of special.

16. He’s play it cool

When a male wants to be easygoing cute can additionally be the word that mr up.

He likes you and also he’s enjoy it his time through you. But he’s not all set to propose.

So he lets you understand he’s emotion it but without launching into a love poem. This cute moment might be the begin of other beautiful, to trust me.

17. He’s feeling gf vibes through you

Cute doesn’t mean he’s friend-zoning you. In fact, it can regularly mean the opposite.

He’s emotion girlfriend vibes v you and he wants to allow you understand he appreciates much more than just your look at and also finds girlfriend fun and engaging.


He calls you cute to present he gets your distinctive side and personality, not simply your looks.

18. He is low-key flirting

Especially if the calls you cute after something funny taken place to the both of friend or you’re enjoy it time together he’s poking fun a little but also low-key flirting.

He’s saying that he watch you and he likes it.

He’s in this together with you and he’s validating and appreciating you.

19. He is seeking an departure from the friendzone

The truth about cute that us all understand deep under is that a lot relies on his tone and the context when he claims it.

In some cases, it deserve to be the sign that a man you space friends v is seek an departure from the friendzone.

He’s utilizing cute in a loaded way, as in “you’re cute.” Is that what you will do say to just a friend? probably not.

20. He’s appreciating her youthful within self

The word cute has actually a youthful feeling around it, doesn’t it?

Sometimes a male will say it together a tribute to your youthful inner self. He sees her inner beauty and the youthful positive outlook of your heart.

And he wants to recognize and also love that. It’s actually pretty sweet.

21. That loves your energy

In addition to the youthful vibes, the word cute bring up a emotion of energy and vitality.

Think that a cute puppy or beloved cute kittens.

Is a male saying she his pet? Well, let’s hope not unless you’re into that kind of thing.

But he’s saying that loves her energy and the rejuvenating emotion he gets approximately you. And also that sound pretty awesome.

22. He’s searching for cuddles

This male calling girlfriend cute might like her energy, but he likewise may well want to cuddle.

He’s calling friend cute in some cases because he’s dreaming around stroking your hair and cuddling up alongside you and also talking every night.

After all, what might be cuter than cuddling all night with somebody you uncover cute?

A last note for your cute, beautiful self

Whether a man is calling girlfriend cute or beautiful you can be specific that that appreciates you and also wants come let you know. Don’t over-analyze and also go with the flow. Maybe also throw a compliment back his way, too.

“You’re no so negative yourself,” has actually been recognized to occupational a time or two

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