A most fans don’t always know the these celebs are secretly able to communicate in an ext than one language.

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most actors and actresses in Hollywood speak English for their movie roles. A many their fans don’t always know that they secretly are maybe to communicate in an ext than one language.

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part actors and actresses to be born on American soil and also chose to pursue knowledge by learning new languages on their very own while others to be born and also raised in situations and also environments whereby they to be able to pick up multiple languages together they flourished up. This are some of the most intelligent and amazing actors out there due to the fact that of exactly how much brilliance castle have.

10 Johnny Depp – French

Johnny Depp is a very talented actor who knows how to speak much more than one language. On height of his capacity to speak English, the can likewise speak French. Johnny Depp is really well well-known for his movies consisting of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie & the chocolate Factory, and more. His relationship scandal through Amber Heard will definitely not overshadow his remarkable career.

9 Mila Kunis – Russian

how amazing enough, Mila Kunis can additionally speak Russian! She rose to fame on That \"70s Show alongside her present husband Ashton Kutcher. They met on the set of the show. Prior to all that, she moved from Soviet Ukraine come the United says with her family members at the period of seven. At the point, she was able to pick up the language the English on optimal of she natural-born Russian.

8 Bradley Cooper – French

Bradley Cooper has currently proven self to be an extremely talented gibbs who additionally knows exactly how to pull off being a musician as well! that starred in A Star is Born alongside Lady Gaga reflecting off his instrumental an abilities and amazing vocals. In real life, Bradley Cooper can likewise speak the language the French. That is win in so numerous ways because French is one of the most romantic languages.

7 Sandra Bullock – German

Sandra Bullock is an award-winning actress who has actually won awards including the Academy award in 2010, Critic\"s selection Movie award in 2010, and also the gold Globe award in 2010 as well. This are only 3 the end of the plenty of she has pulled in over the years.

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She also knows just how to speak the language that German! She is beyond impressive and only keeps surprising her fans. Sandra Bullock deserves all the love she gets since she is beauty and brains.

6 Zoe Saldana – Spanish

Zoe Saldana speak both English and Spanish. One of her biggest and also most renowned roles to date would need to be in the Guardians the the Galaxy movies wherein she plays an extraterrestrial with environment-friendly colored skin. She likewise stared in Avatar wherein she play an alien through blue-colored skin. And also in 2013 and also 2016, she even starred in a few Star Trek movies. She has actually not really made use of her Spanish an abilities in many of she films but it would be remarkable for her to be able to do that.

5 Leonardo DiCaprio – German

Leonardo DiCaprio is an remarkable actor with an extremely amazing list of movies from Titanic in 1997 to The wolf of wall surface Street in 2013. Most recently he starred in Once upon a Time in Hollywood together Brad Pitt in 2019.

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miscellaneous shocking around Leonardo DiCaprio? He likewise knows just how to speak German! He shares this in typical with Sandra Bullock.

4 Emma Watson -- French

The Harry Potter movie franchise would not be the very same without Emma Watson together Hermione Granger. Fans of Harry Potter certain loved her for the function and watched her prosper up right before their eyes. In real life, Emma Watson is very similar to the character of Hermione Granger that is well-known for being incredibly intelligent in the human being of academia. Emma Watson knows exactly how to speak French.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow -- Spanish

as shocking together this could sound, Gwyneth Paltrow in reality knows just how to speak fluently Spanish through a perfect Spanish accent. She has actually chosen come raise her kids in a multi-lingual household speaking come them influence Spanish and also English so that her children grow up discovering both languages as well.

2 Shakira – Spanish, Portuguese & Italian

Shakira\"s fans know and love her for her remarkable dance moves and catchy pop songs. What they might not all know about her is the she is able come speak 4 languages. She speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and also Italian. She have the right to travel to so countless different places and also still be able to easily communicate with the people roughly her. That must make she vacations so lot easier! She is good as a performer on stage and also she is good in her personal life through her mystery talent come speak so numerous languages.

1 Natalie Portman – Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, & Japanese

Natalie Portman is one actress that knows much more languages than the average individual. She to know English, Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, and also Japanese. Natalie Portman is quite impressive because of the reality that she have the right to speak so many languages fluently. It just adds come the perform of her talents. She is well-known for gift an actress yet she likewise does job-related behind the scenes as a filmmaker as well. Just how much cooler deserve to a beautiful actress like her even get?!

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