"The Scholarship Jacket" by Marta Salinas was first publimelted in 1986. It tells the story of a young Mexican American girl that deals with an injustice at institution. It's a renowned brief story for students.

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Synopsis of "The Scholarship Jacket"

The narrator, Martha, is nearing the finish of eighth grade at her Texas institution. Eincredibly year at graduation, the college awards a beautiful jacket monogrammed with an "S" and the winner's name to the class valedictorian, the student through the greatest qualities over eight years.

Martha's older sister Rosie won it years previously. Martha is going to win it this year.

She resides through her grandparents. Her parents couldn't afford to raise all their kids. Martha is exceptionally thin. She's not happy via her appearance but she's smart.

One day at the finish of the school year, Martha has to go back to her classroom to acquire her shorts for gym class. Hearing raised voices inside, she stops outside the door. Two of her teachers are saying around her. She's shocked and also stands tright here listening.

Mr. Schmidt is saying he refuses to execute something, that it doesn't matter who her father is, that Martha is the clear winner. Mr. Boone says Joann's father is on the Board, owns the just save in town, and that they might make some excuse. She also hears point out of her Mexican background and also a danger to resign.

Mr. Schmidt storms out however doesn't notification Martha. She waits until she calms dvery own and also goes into the classroom to acquire her bag. She can't remember the rest of the day.

Martha cries quietly that night.

The next day, she's dubbed to the principal's office. He looks uncomfortable. He tells Martha the policy has actually changed this year—tbelow will certainly currently be a $15 charge for the scholarship jacket. If she can't pay, the following in line will certainly get the jacket.

She says she'll tell her grandfather and also acquire back to him. She cries on the means house.

Martha goes right into the bean field to uncover her Grandpa. She describes the situation. He asks what the scholarship jacket implies. She claims it's given to the student who earns it. They both understand. Before she leaves he says if it's phelp for it's not a scholarship jacket.

She's angry however knows Grandpa is right.

Martha is sad the next day as soon as she goes to check out the major. She tells him her grandfather won't pay. He asks why, because he has actually sufficient money. She describes the reason. She adds that they'll need to give the jacket to Joann.

The principal stops her before she leaves. He claims they'll make an exception and also give her the jacket. Martha is exceptionally happy and thanks him.

When she sees Mr. Schmidt later he acknowledges her accomplishment. She hugs him.

Martha cries via happiness on the way residence. She rushes to the field to tell her grandpa. She ends up functioning via him a couple of minutes initially, then offers him the great news.

He pats her on the shoulder and wipes the sweat off his forehead. He tells her to view if her grandmommy demands help through supper.

Martha smiles at him. She's not fooled. She runs happily to the residence.

Theme: Standing Up for What's Right

Tright here are 3 characters that take a principled stand also for what is right—Mr. Schmidt, Grandpa and finally, Martha.

We initially learn of the plot against Martha as soon as she overhears the dispute in between Mr. Schmidt and also Mr. Boone. Mr. Schmidt is adamant in his refusal to cheat Martha out of her prize. He doesn't care who Joann's father is. He recognizes the injustice of trying to take what Martha earned because she's a basic targain, being Mexideserve to and also from a poor family members. He threatens to resign over it.

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The next character that recognizes the higher problem is Grandpa. He points it out to Martha by asking her the significance of the scholarship jacket—it's earned and it's given. The question isn't whether he deserve to pay the money or not, it's whether it have to be phelp at all.