Saying that, she was recorded with her boyfriend does no clear the air that she is married or not.

So, is there any kind of male-gender details word opposite of mistress and also clears the air the female is cheating her husband?

I googled few words: lover, sweetheart, love one, love, beloved, darling, dearest, young man, male friend, man, escort, wooer, admirer etc.

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And, from Wikipedia,

"Paramour" is sometimes used, however this ax can use to either partner in an illicit relationship, so it is not solely male.

But, none fits the requirement.

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there isn't one. It's kind of comprise if you say lover, specifically if you have actually just said caught, which tells us you think she to be doing something wrong. Otherwise you one of two people spell out the fact that she is married to someone rather or speak something like was recorded cheating on she husband.
Apr 24 "19 at 11:00
The focus is top top the husband in both instances - an example of how gendered language have the right to be perhaps. If girlfriend think around words prefer mistress or madam and the masculine counterparts master and also sir, there's quite a distinction in usage...
Apr 24 "19 at 11:05
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Rather favor mistress can refer come women associated to unmarried people yet usually refers to a woman with a married man, the other man usually describes a male with a married woman.

The Oxford thesaurus gives this meaning and this examples:

other man n. The lover the a married mrs or mrs partner.

1886 R. Kipling Other guy in polite & Mil. Gaz. 13 Nov. 3/3 they married her once she..had offered all her poor little heart to an additional man... Us will speak to him the other Man.

1966 ‘S. Ransome’ concealed Hour ii. 20 She had been here before. Through the ‘other man’?

1994 Sunday time 6 Mar. (Style & travel section) viii. 4/1 He to be cited through the Tory ‘the other man’ once he sued his wife..for divorce.

Other instances abound. Over there is the 2008 movie The other Man, in i beg your pardon a husband find out around the other man in his now-deceased wife"s life. (Side note: it"s a bad movie.)

A recent well-known romance novel called The various other Man has actually this on its first page:

For every hotwife and her husband, there"s always the other man.

It absolutely refers come a male companion from outside the relationship. In most usage, that connection is a marriage.

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Finally, what I an especially like about this phrasing is that its gender equivalent is for this reason simple: the other woman.