The three largest nations in phibìc America re-superstructure trade, climate and culture in a host of large and certain ways. A brand-new set of soil cover maps for the U.S., Canada, and also Mexico highlights a specific, long-standing scientific participation designed to benefit each nation.

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Land sheathe map the the Lake Tahoe area, circa 2015, with legend, native the north American Land Change surveillance System. 

The north American Land change Monitoring device (NALCMS), led by the U.S. Geological survey ( in the U.S., offers important insight on floor change throughout the continent and a starting point because that a wide variety of clinical inquiry.

Newly exit NALCMS data depicts 19 classes of soil cover throughout North America for the year 2015 in ~ 30-meter spatial resolution. The freely-available maps were constructed using a selection of satellite data sources, v U.S. And also Canadian maps leaning greatly on data from the Landsat collection of satellites, operated by the earth Resources Observation and also Science (EROS) facility near Sioux Falls, SD.

The 2015 publication is the highest-quality floor cover product because that North America to date and boasts boosted accuracy in floor cover category from the vault 2010 product. NALCMS data additionally offer soil cover commodities for 2005, and will soon update its land change maps to include a 2010 to 2015 readjust comparison.

The maps serve as an international extension of the work done by the nationwide Land cover Database (NLCD) in the U.S., according to Collin Homer, the NCLD regime manager and also NALCMS lead for the The U.S. Mapping data is modified because that NALCMS to include land sheathe classes with specific relevance come the project’s continent partners, together as pleasant or subpolar forests for Canada’s much north or tropic or subtropical forests for Mexico.

Aligning the U.S. Data, which to be updated and upgraded through the 2019 release of NLCD 2016, associated the incorporation of determinants such together temperature and also permafrost.

“NLCD is the foundation, but this is 19 land cover classes, number of of i beg your pardon are various from NLCD,” Homer said. “So us actually had to harmonize our works with several of these other ancillary datasets.”

The resulting harmonized, 3-nation dataset offers invaluable assistance to global organizations, nongovernmental conservation organizations, floor managers, scientific researchers and others, by enabling them to much better understand the dynamics and also continental-scale fads of phibìc America’s soil cover and also to conduct both local and local-level analyses.

Studies making use of NALCMS include:

- an air high quality monitoring system in Canada, i beg your pardon factored floor cover data right into its twice-daily air top quality reporting during the Canadian fire season,

- An assessment of types vulnerability come land and climate readjust for the good Northern landscape Conservation cooperative (an area stretching from british Columbia come Wyoming)

- A study of woodland disturbance in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

All NALCMS datasets are available for download in ~ no price to the user with the project’s website. The project additionally maintains an interactive web viewer that has photographs and descriptions of each land covering class.

About the phibìc American Land readjust Monitoring System

NALCMS is a joint initiative in between the Canada Centre for Mapping and also Earth observation of herbal Resources Canada (NRCan), the United states Geological inspection (, and three mexican organizations: the national Institute that Statistics and also Geography (Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía—INEGI), the nationwide Commission because that the Knowledge and also Use the Biodiversity (Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad—Conabio), and also the national Forestry board of directors (Comisión Nacional Forestal—Conafor), and also supported by the Commission for Environmental teamwork (CEC)

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About the north American environmental Atlas

NALCMS is part of the CEC’s North American eco-friendly Atlas, bringing with each other maps, data and also interactive map layers to allow for continent and regional perspectives ~ above environmental problems that cross boundaries.