A non-living thing in biology means any type without life, such together an inanimate body or object. Compared with the reality that has life, a non-living point lacks the attributes that characterize a living thing. For instance, a non-living point lacks the basic unit the life, a living cell that grows, metabolizes, responds to exterior stimuli, reproduces, and also adapts. Instead of cells, a non-living point is comprised of facets or compounds that type from chemistry reactions. Instances of non-living things are rocks, water, and also air.

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In biology, a non-living thing method any form without life, such together an inanimate body or object. Examples of non-living things are rocks, water, and also air.

The indigenous non-living is a combination of the center English non-, definition “not”, “lack of”, or “failure to” and living indigenous the Old English lifende, an interpretation “living” or “having life”. The ax thing came from the Old English þing, meaning “entity”, “being”, “body”, or “matter”. Variant: nonliving thing. Synonym: meaningless (thing).

Non-living points vs. Living things

How can we phone call apart non-living points from life things? A living thing is one the manifests life; it is alive. But, how deserve to we say that it is certainly alive? In essence, a living point is one the moves, grows, and also reproduces. Otherwise, we construe the object together inanimate or non-living. There are two depictions of a non-living thing. ~ above one hand, a non-living thing pertains to an entity that previously had actually life and also then ended up being dead. ~ above the other hand, a non-living thing is one that had actually not, has actually not, and also will not ever have life. The last is the stricter meaning of a non-living thing. In a organic sense, the stricter an interpretation of a non-living thing is much more appropriate. A living thing, biologically speaking, incorporates both extant and also extinct species. The basic similarity in between living and non-living things is that both of lock pertain to that which exists. A point is a distinctive entity, being, matter, or object. A thing might be classified based on whether or no life is exhibited. A living thing is one the possesses or exhibits life together opposed to a non-living thing that lacks life.

Features that non-living things

Lack of cell organization

A non-living point is no organized right into cell(s); a living thing is. Although both non-living and living things are essentially comprised of molecules of elements and also compounds, a living point would be made up of biomolecules organized into structures the a cell. The cell is the fundamental biological unit the a life thing. It carries out assorted cellular procedures in an orchestrated, systematized manner. It is responsible for keeping the life state that the biology by performing miscellaneous metabolic processes, e. G. Cell growth, cell respiration, responding come stimuli, reproduction, sustenance, biomolecular syntheses, waste elimination, and other processes crucial to homeostasis. The cabinet is consisted of of protoplasm surrounded by a plasma membrane. Several cytoplasmic structures room suspended in the cytosol. Among the most prominent cytoplasmic structures is the nucleus. Based on the visibility of membrane-bound organelles, such together nucleus, living things might be classified into either prokaryotes or eukaryotes. Membrane-bound oribel are lacking in prokaryotes whereas in eukaryotes they are present.

Growth through accretion

A non-living thing does not prosper the same means a living thing does. Some non-living things seem to display growth, however, the growth occurs by accretion rather than by metabolic reactions. In living things, growth at the moving level is shown up by boost in the variety of cells or by rise in the cabinet size. The cells grow in number v cell department (e.g. Mitosis). Together for the boost in cell size, it is attributed regularly to boost in the cytoplasmic mass. Some organisms have actually the capacity to regrow lost parts. Plants, because that instance, have the right to grow new shoots in ~ the website where it has been reduced as lengthy as the meristematic tissue remains intact. Salamanders can regenerate new eyes or brand-new limbs. Humans have actually a rather minimal regeneration capacity. They can regenerate skin and details parts of the liver.


Non-living things are non-motile whereas many living things space motile. Non-living things may seem to move. However, the movement is because of an external influence. Many living things can move roughly spontaneously. Pets have locomotory guts that enable movement. They usage them come move, particularly in solution to stimuli. Because that instance, animals escape by running away from your predators once they see them. Animals also move v the intent to forage, look for an ext suitable habitat, or look for a potential mate. When most animals can relocate at will, many plants cannot. Although plants space not as motile as many animals, they are still related to as living because they manifest many other features of life.

Lack of reproduction

Non-living points cannot naturally create duplicates of their very own kind; living things can, by reproduction. A living thing can produce life. There room two ways by which a living thing can: sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction. In sex-related reproduction, male and also female sex cells of the two parents unite and type a zygote the will develop eventually right into a gift of their very own kind. In asexual reproduction, sex cells are involved and also the offspring comes from only one parent.

Lack the metabolism

A non-living thing does no metabolize vice versa, a living point does. Metabolism refers to the various processes that allow the cabinet to continue to be alive. There are two creates of metabolism: catabolism and also anabolism. In catabolism, the living point carries the end degradative chemistry reactions that cause the breaking down of complex molecules right into smaller units, and obtains power that is released from the process. In anabolism, energy-driven chemistry reactions develop molecules from smaller sized units. Thus, a living point needs power that they deserve to use come fuel these reactions. Vice versa, non-living things carry out not carry out such metabolic processes and they carry out not require power to put up with their existence.

Not responding to stimuli

A non-living thing deserve to neither detect alters in their atmosphere nor respond come stimuli; a living point can. Non-living things execute not have actually the committed receptors that living points that can detect alters in the environment. Humans and also other pets have different senses that enable sight, hearing, smell, touch, and also taste. Plants and also other organisms might not have actually the elaborate sense offal of animals but they can still detect changes from their environment, and as such, can respond to stimuli. The response may one of two people be confident or negative. A positive solution is when the an answer is towards the resource of the economic stimulation whereas a an adverse response is as soon as it is far from the source.

Not qualified of adapting

A non-living point does not adapt; a living point does by adjusting to new conditions. Life things set them except non-living things by having the volume to it is adapted to environmental changes. They are capable of readjust to do themselves adjusted or a much better fit to your surroundings. In relation to this, that can additionally be stated that a non-living thing does not mutate whereas a living thing does and, together such, diversifies.

Lack the life cycle

A non-living thing has actually no life and also therefore does no die. A non-living thing does no die but it decays. Abiotic decomposition, in particular, refers to the deterioration of a substance by chemical or physics means. Conversely, a living thing dies and decays. Death occurs where life ends. Once a living point dies, the organs, tissues, and cells stop to function. Degeneration in organic context refers to the decomposition process. A dead biology decomposes by biodegradation. For instance, microbes failure organic materials into much easier forms.


Non-living things room those doing not have the attributes of life. Based on that definition, non-living things incorporate rock, water, sand, glass, and sun. None of them shows the characteristics of gift alive. Others define a non-living point as that, which offered to be component of a living thing. Because that example, coal, wood, rubber, paper, etc. Castle are taken into consideration as non-living things despite initially being a component of a life tree. In ecology, non-living things are one of the constituents of the abiotic components (abiotic factors) of the environment, such as soil and also atmosphere. They influence the living points in terms of their growth, reproduction, and also maintenance. The living things, in turn, are referred to as the biotic components or biotic factors.

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