We failure the numerous models because that sale today into a tidy group of car body species for less complicated shopping.

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There"s a people of an option in today"s vehicle market, what with much more than 400 various models and also many car types available. Making sense of it all deserve to be difficult. What space the different varieties of cars? The an initial thing to know is the "cars" method "passenger vehicles of every types." for the objectives of maintaining it simple, we"ve broken down all of those car choices right into nine major categories covering every one of the straightforward types that vehicles from coupes come full-size sedans to crossover SUVs.

The easiest way to define a auto is by exactly how it looks. What"s the an initial thing you notice when a automobile comes towards you top top the street? that shape. That"s referred to as the "body style." Is that tall and boxy? Low and also sleek? How many doors does the have? Body style is the easiest method to categorize a vehicle.


Wagons are comparable to sedans however have prolonged roofline and also a hatch door at the rear instead of a trunk. Some, choose the Subaru Outback or Audi A4 Allroad, have actually elevated floor clearance and also some rugged human body cladding to make them more like a sport-utility auto (SUV), but they space nonetheless very closely related to sedans. Wagons have actually fallen native favor throughout the past couple of decades and also there space relatively couple of available because that sale in the joined States.

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Traditionally, the hatchet "hatchback" has meant a compact or subcompact sedan v a squared-off roof and a behind flip-up flower door the provides access to the vehicle"s cargo area instead of a standard trunk. The Volkswagen Golf and Kia Rio room two typical hatchbacks. Much more recently, rear hatches have discovered their means on to some larger cars, choose the Audi A7 and also Kia Stinger. Castle look prefer sedans, but they actually have a steeply raked hatchback the affords easier availability to the cargo area and greater carrying capacity than a timeless trunk would.

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Does the roof retract right into the body leaving the passenger cabin open to the elements? If so, it"s a convertible. Many convertibles have a completely powered towel roof that folds down, yet a few have come be lowered by hand. There are likewise a variety of models through a retractable hardtop, and also several unusual quasi-convertibles (called "targa tops") choose the Mazda MX-5 Miata RF, Porsche 911 Targa and Corvette; only the forward ar of your roofs retracts or have the right to be removed by hand.

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SUVs—often also referred to as crossovers—tend to be taller and also boxier than sedans, sell an elevated seating position, and have an ext ground clearance than a car. They include a terminal wagon-like cargo area the is accessed v a flip-up rear hatch door, and many offer all-wheel drive. The larger ones have three rows of seats. Sizes begin at subcompact (Hyundai Kona, Nissan Kicks), mid-size, and go every the way to full-size (Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe). Deluxe brands offer numerous SUV models in many of the exact same size categories.

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Minivans are the workhorses the the family-car world, the ideal at transferring people and cargo in an reliable package. They"re dubbed minivans but they are far from "mini." That"s because they are tall boxes-on-wheels v sliding next doors for easy access and a behind hatch that opens up to a big cargo area. Most minivans have flexible seats in their 2nd and 3rd rows that regularly can be removed or also folded right into the floor to develop a large open cargo bay. The Honda Odyssey and also Chrysler Pacifica are great examples that the breed.

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A pickup truck has actually a passenger cab and also an open up cargo bed in the rear. Basically all pickups market some form of all-wheel drive or part-time four-wheel drive—the latter for off-road use only. Through one exception—the mid-sized Honda Ridgeline—pickup bodies space cabs an installed to a separate steel frame. The Ridgeline is more like a crossover v the rear ar of the roof lopped turn off to reveal a cargo bed. Currently, pickup van come in two size categories: full-size and also mid-size.

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There"s more to it than straightforward body types. Those 10 varieties of vehicles are accessible from dozens of various brands indigenous Acura come Volvo—and in plenty of sizes and also at widely varying prices. But there are always a couple of outliers that don"t rather fit nicely into any category, choose the BMW X4 "four-door coupe SUV" pictured here.

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