Hi Emma! You may use COMM although over there is no officially accepted abbreviation the the word. I advise that you simply use the entire word \"community\" to avoid confusion the listener or readers. Have a an excellent day!

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laying in bed or lie in bed?\"Hi there!Please aid me come understand: i was laying in bed or lying in bed? What rule is it? \"

\"feel horney\", what does the mean?

When someone claims they \"feel horney\", what does that mean? because that whom deserve to I speak this words?

You made mine day or You have made my day?

Hello! can you aid me v sentences: girlfriend made mine day or You have actually made my day? which one is correct?

\"has been, have been, had been\"

Please, phone call me once we need to use \"has been, have been, had actually been\"? Something it was began in past and also stil...

which is correct? What you say in the email is worrisome or what you says in the email is.....Hi SyedThe correct one is:What you to speak in the email is worrisomeBest Regards

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