Q: my father has a group of an extremely old telephones and also even a 1910 operator’s headset in very an excellent condition. He wants to market them, yet is at a loss as to what they room worth. Any aid would be greatly appreciated.

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A: Old telephones market at auctions and also at antiques shows and shops. Prices vary relying on the age and style of the phone. Old rotary phone sell for $42-$135. Old wall-mounted crank phones offered for $75 to $120. Many will not occupational on a brand-new phone line.

Q: I have a dark purple Fenton glass liquid dish with fluted or crimped sides. I was told it’s “Wistaria” pattern and that Fenton purposely spelled words “wisteria” incorrectly. Execute you know why?

A: There space two different Fenton patterns: “Wistaria” and “Wisteria.” However, your candy dish is Wisteria pattern. Wisteria is a stretch glass sample made indigenous 1921 come 1928. Top top the various other hand, Wistaria is frosted glass with an acid-etched design, and it was made native 1937 come 1938. The design resembles stylized wisteria blossoms. Fenton might have referred to as this sample “Wistaria” due to the fact that it currently had a “Wisteria” pattern.

Q: We have actually an old lane cedar chest. The format number is 2648-82 and also the serial number is 2865110. I have actually not to be able to find any type of information on it, like when it to be made or the value. Say thanks to you for her help.

Q: ns looked at countless Hall teapots online and also have been unable to discover a teapot like mine. The an Airflow, black through a gold spout, and also what looks prefer a yellow Chinese design. The number is 0450S, and it states it’s 8-cup. Is this a knockoff?

A: indigenous 1938 v 1941, the room China company of eastern Liverpool, Ohio, created whimsical teapots in unique shapes that space sought after ~ by collectors today. The airflow teapot was one of these. That was very first released in 1940, and its ring shape and also swooping take care of hint of the beginning of Atomic age design. The Airflow, like other Hall teapots, to be made in countless colors and sold either plain or decorated. Some, prefer yours, had Hall’s traditional Gold trim. In 1984, Hall presented reintroduced Airflow and some various other teapots. The reproduction teapots have actually the that company post-1969 square mark. Your 8-cup air flow teapot looks prefer it is from the 1940s. That is worth around $40.


Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and also auctions throughout the joined States. Prices vary in various locations because of local economic conditions.

t Coca-Cola, sign, woman, white feather hat, eco-friendly border, paper on wood, 26 x 37 inches, $50.

t political banner, “Win v Wilkie for president,” red, black, white ground, 25 x 16 1/4 inches, $110.

t next Table, round, human legs, pink skirt, shoes, 35 x 24 inches, $240.

t Libbey, jug, rum, flute, cranberry reduced to clear, stopper, 6 1/2 inches, $480.

t Lamp, sconce, two-light, George III, carved giltwood, metal, bows, wheat, swags, Italy, c. 1920, 29 inches, $840.

t Shaker, washing machine, walnut, brass parts, three tubs, hand cranked transforming wheel, model, 3 1/4 x 11 inches, $1,880.

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t Candelabrum, three-light, bronze, gilt, nike hold cornucopia, lyre, black, France, 1800s, 19 1/2 inches, pair, $2,640.