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in ~ the end of Antigone the Chorus, being every males, focuses mainly top top Creon, the male tragic hero and also not Antigone . Antigone"s surname is not uttered again ~ she is brought off through the guards. Ironically, before her death, the Chorus had supported Creon in his decision...

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At the end of Antigone the Chorus, being all males, concentrates mainly on Creon, the male tragic hero and not Antigone. Antigone"s surname is no uttered again ~ she is brought off by the guards. Ironically, prior to her death, the Chorus had supported Creon in his decision to punishment Antigone using martial law.

The function of the Chorus is that of the usual male Theban citizens in the they are afraid disobedience come the tyrant king and also choose commitment to the law above duty to the gods. As such, lock share few of the reference in the death of Antigone, but they execute not lament her death as much as Creon.

The Chorus is rapid to tell Creon the error the his ways:

Pray thou no more; because that mortals have actually no escape from destined woe.

And the Chorus adds an exemplum to the end of the play:

Wisdom is the supreme component of happiness; and also reverence towards the gods should be inviolate. Great words the prideful men are ever before punished with an excellent blows, and, in old age, teach the chastened to be wise.

But, the Chorus does no seem to penitent in Antigone"s death, and they execute not duly endure for it choose Creon. So claims tennis2007.org:

One that the choral passages in the play is referred to as the "Ode come Man," i beg your pardon glorifies humankind"s success but warns versus ignoring the gods. The Chorus, however, support Creon"s decisions until it becomes apparent that his dominion has resulted in tragedy. Creon reminds the Chorus that they too signed Antigone"s fatality warrant by sustaining his policies.

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Their odes come too small too late, and also they seem self-righteous and also condescending. Just Antigone decided to honor the gods v actions and not words.