I"m looking for a word (or term) that specifically and precisely describes someone that loves all living points. I"d favor something that isn"t extremely technical (a word/term hat is mostly understood) yet at the same time, not also straightforward (i.e. animal-lover).

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I don"t think conmessage is necessary in this situation, however regardless...

before going to bed, a teenage girl visits the washroom where she finds a moth. Rather than killing it, she gently releases it outside.

Perhaps this have the right to be described as kind, yet I"m searching for something that specifically describes a love or kindness in the direction of beings of life (other than for maybe single-cell organisms).


Someone compassionate cares for various other world and also maybe for pets (however not, I think, for single-celled organisms or plants, so not all living things).

Someone who feels an emotional connection via various other points can be defined as empathetic. Such a perkid deserve to be dubbed an empath.



You answered your very own question in the last line of your instance, gentle.

gentle: having or mirroring a kind and quiet nature; not harsh or violent. Merriam-Webster

He remained gentle towards pets and humankind. (I was Amish: an individual story of an Amish girl and her life)



Because you pointed out ‘all living things.’, you have the right to hyphenate widespread affection words, such as ones provided here, through ‘omni-’ to mean ‘all’.



Actually, I also found the precise word for your requested definition, ‘omnibenevolent’.

From OED,

omnibenevolent adj. <

Also, http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/tennis2007.org/omnibenevolent.

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"excellent hombres""humans""nice people"

No, sorry. I think humane, although a small anthropocentric, covers the fill.

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