The cabinet is the basic unit of life systems. Although the is reasonably easy come visualize the components of cells, the is complicated to conceptualize exactly how these components function together to sustain life within the cell. To construct an knowledge of the useful processes the take ar in a cell, the is valuable to draw an analogy come an car factory.

Target concept: The dictionary specifies a cell together “the smallest separately functioning unit in the structure of an organism, typically consisting that one or much more nuclei surrounding by cytoplasm and also enclosed in a membrane”. Back this is a fairly accurate description, the is no an intuitive description that students deserve to readily said to. Since cells are microscopic, difficult to visualize in 3 dimensions, and exceedingly complicated in function, most teachers draw analogies to help students grasp their significance. The is typical to hear teachers draw analogies between cells and cities, schools, and factories. In this example we are illustrating an analogy in between a cell and a factory, yet it have to be interpreted that others deserve to be equally fine developed. Analogue concept: one analogy is advantageous only when world are familiar with the analogue concept, in this case a factory. Relatively few students have actually visited factories, and also so that is beneficial to review the company of a manufacturing facility as the analogy is developed. A factory is a basic where items are produced for export. A factory consumes raw materials and also energy in an initiative to sustain its workers and provide resources come others. This is analogous come the work of a cabinet (figure 10.5) as watched in the complying with mapping.

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Relevant attributes / Mapping:

cell « factory: A cell (in a multicell organism) is an identifiable unit that is part of a larger organism simply as a manufacturing facility is an i can identify unit the is component of society. A cell provides material and energy resources and also produces assets just together a manufacturing facility does.

cell assets « factory products: Cells do not occupational in isolation but carry out and receive resources from various other cells or indigenous the surrounding environment. Factories produce products so the they might be sold and also earn money because that the corporation. Similarly, cells produce assets that may be offered by neighboring cells, and also in turn receive resources from bordering cells. Because that example, cells in the Beta Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas develop insulin that is offered by surrounding cells. Simultaneously, these exact same cells get oxygen and also nutrients detailed by the red blood cells and plasma that flow in your neighborhood.

organelle membranes « walls: In factories, walls are provided to separate regions with various functions. Because that example, the repaint room is separated native the upholstery shop so each can carry on its features without interference indigenous the other.

nucleus « headquarters: The cell core of a cabinet controls the operations of a cell. In a similar manner, manufacturing facility headquarters controls the work of a factory. The cell core is separated from the remainder of the cell by a atom membrane that allows it to duty without interruption from neighboring organelles, just as the office walls of the headquarters enable planners and also managers to straight the to work of the factory without being distracted by bordering operations.

nuclear pore « doors: interaction is necessary to the proper functioning that a factory. Doors permit people from various departments come visit and also communicate. In a comparable manner, atom pores permit for information and resources to flow in between the nucleus and the cell it manages.

DNA/chromosome « plans: Each manufacturing facility has plans the govern the manufacturing and advance of your products, as well as plans the govern the day-to-day procedure of the factory. DNA is analogous to such plans, providing the code not only for all cell products, but also the proteins that govern daily operations within the cell.

smooth absorbent reticulum « hallways: Factories have actually hallways with which info from the office travels to the workers in every departments. Similarly, the cell has smooth endoplasmic reticulum v which it is thought that messenger RNA travel from the cell nucleus to locations where the is decoded.

ribosome « worker: manufacturing facility workers “translate” instructions native headquarters right into products. In an analogous fashion, ribosomes room the website where messenger RNA is translated into proteins.

rough endoplasmic reticulum « assembly line: workers gather in areas of the factory where assembly bring away place. Similarly, ribosomes space positioned on rough endoplasmic reticulum where the proteins room assembled.

protein « product: factory produce commodities for internal and external use. Similarly, cells create proteins for inner use and also for export. Proteins result when DNA code has actually been transcribed into RNA and also translated into polypeptide chains. Similarly, manufacturing facility products result when plans from the office are copied and also distributed to employees who incorporate various materials to assemble a product.

cytoplasm « share room: A factory needs a stock room indigenous which parts have the right to be taken for usage on the assembly line. Similarly, resources are distributed through the cytoplasm until they are used by surrounding organelles.

m-RNA«photocopy: return the grasp plans of a agency may be protected in the factory headquarters, separation, personal, instance plans may be photocopied from these plans and also distributed to workers as needed. M-RNA is favor a photocopy of DNA the accurately transmits data indigenous the nucleus come the ribosomes wherein it is analyzed into valuable proteins.

t-RNA « stockroom helpers: Stockroom helpers bring components come the assembly line whereby they deserve to be merged into products. Similarly, t-RNA bring amino acids from the cytoplasm to the ribosomes whereby assemblage the proteins may take place.

mitochondrion « powerhouse: A powerhouse converts power from one type to another. Because that example, the powerhouse in ~ a hydroelectric dam switch the kinetic power of falling water into electrical energy for circulation to homes and businesses. In a comparable manner, mitochondria convert energy indigenous the bond in glucose come the phosphate bonds of ATP.

ATP « electricity: power is a versatile energy resource that have the right to be easily spread to homes and businesses. Similarly, ATP is a versatile energy resource that is offered to power the growth, movement and also metabolism that the cell.

Golgi apparatus « warehouse: commodities from a factory are usually stored in a warehouse before exporting. The Golgi apparatus may serve together a warehouse where proteins room stored before export.

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Limitations: This analogy need to not be expanded to cell division. Whereas industries grow by the enhancement of brand-new factories, cells flourish by the splitting and growth of existing cells. Thus, students have to not shot to find analogues for such things as asters, centrioles, spindle fibers, etc.

Student activity: working in a team, develop a new analogy because that a cell. You may wish to analogize a cell to a city, her school, her home, or another entity of your choice.