Several equipment are provided in racquetball because that playing and for protection. Racquetball equipment are lightweight and also inexpensive. The devices used in racquetball are an extremely much similar to that of squash. Several of the devices are as follows.

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The racquets offered in racquetball are really much comparable to that of squash. The size of the racquet has actually is 22 inches. The racquets used at first were make of wood through the leather wrap grip. The frames that the racquet then slowly adjusted to alloy and also then fiberglass and now a day’s graphite frames are used. Gradually oval framed racquets replaced the old small frame racquets.

Mostly two species of racquets are used in racquetball which are even- balance and head-heavy. Head-heavy racquets permit players come use much more power. Recently the racquets provided are largely made the graphite and also titanium.



The balls offered in racquetball are made of rubber and also have 2.25-inch diameter. Arrays of colour are used in racquetballs such as: blue, green, purple, black, red and also pink.

All colors are used for certain purposes. Blue ball is most generally used and is used for neutral sphere with average speed and accuracy. Green balls are supplied for the same objective that the blue balls.



Players usage specially designed shoes with an excellent traction in racquetball. Much better tractions are essential for quick transforms of direction.

In situation of indoor courts, the shoes used have a gum rubber outsole which gives top notch traction as the at home court floors are made the woods and are more slippery.

The shoes space designed to provide lateral stability and cushioning come front foot.



Eyewear is a have to for all racquetball players since of security issues as the ball that is provided in the sports flies around 100mph speed throughout the match raising the danger of hitting the eyes. The eyewear offered fits perfectly into our eye socket.

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The usage of gloves in racquetball is optional. Players wear gloves in the hand in which they host the racquet for better grip and control. Lock also aid preventing blisters on hands.