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I have actually been eat fresh and also brined olives because that years. I like the olives through the pits and usually consume the whole pit there is no removing it. It was recently stated to me the this is no a healthy and balanced practice, and also even despite I have been law this for part time, I started to wonder whether it is 1)abnormal come eat the entirety olive, pit and all, and also 2) will certainly the pits have actually a long term disadvantage effect? I have actually never met anyone who ate olive pits, and also I find the with-pit olives to be the best, therefore I believed I would ask. Note that I perform not grind up and chew the pits, as I am certain that my teeth would not like that!



In our culture we eat olive pits (especially Kalamata) because that generations and no one has ever before had a problem with eating them in little quantities (3-4 max).

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They it seems to be ~ to it is in digestible (never noticed any type of of them comes out! :)



I\"d stop this practice.

The olive pit rice peel is very hard and should not be eaten, however, together it is indigestible and also might damaged the intestinal wall surface if spicy edges space present. Also, perform not chew the husk, as it is so tough it can break a tooth. Swallowing the rice bowl is also a bad idea, together it has actually sharp ends that might be dangerous. The is also quite indigestible and also will come out just as the went in. (source)


I gulp down olive pits occasionally,not an ext than 2 if they are not too big. Heard for some old people in greek they have done the for entirety life(in their 80s still kicking and olive pits eating:)) and they think that pits safeguard their intestines as they space digestible

I offered to eat the meat in the olive pit. The is white and oblong shape, and it is an extremely tasty. I have actually not had it due to the fact that when i was a child. I will ask the herb store in Chinatown following time. This delicacy is very expensive probably because it is tough to rest the pit and also extract the meat.

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keep in mind that I perform not grind up and chew the pits lock won't failure either, which provides your case totally different. It is likewise an (one) anecdote, not an answer with arguments.
Apparently US and Bulgarian research showed that olive stones melt in the cradle tract prior to reaching the intestines. I just received the details from a friend that is a medical researcher and also I will also start eating them.

apparently US and Bulgarian research proved Please earlier this up with actual facts, especially due to the fact that of the health claims.
I have actually been consumed for years(40+). Nothing wrong with it and also most probably it is healthy too. Sometimes you should be careful due to the fact that of sharpness of height side that pit. Stomach, I read it in somewhere don\"t remember where but, simply digestive it in ~ seconds, before it goes come intestine...

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