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2004 focus 2.3 auto. Saw dealer to choose up infectious diseases world fashion fluid and also solenoid A, filter and also gasket. Parts guy looks up parts by vin, offers me LV fluid, ns didnt think noþeles of it. Gain home and verify because i have ocd and manual claims mercon V. Called the dealer and also talked to same parts guy who says that LV is what his device shows. Now i look in ~ the carfax report and this car has had the infectious diseases worldwide fluid adjusted every 30,000 miles since new and we haven’t excellent it so the last readjust was 60,000 miles back and in 2014. Would they have used the LV or the V? i am under the impression that they can not be mixed so now im concerned. By the way, the automobile is cram the P0960 code so i want to adjust the A and B solenoids.

I would run redline D4 it\"s expensive but an excellent stuff. Likewise don\"t ever buy anything at a dealership. You will certainly pay means more 보다 necessary. Valvoline maxlife is additionally a great transmission fluid and is compatible. Sent out from mine LG-LS997 making use of Tapatalk
The only difference in V and LV is a small amount of viscosity the lowered on the LV to help mileage. I\"m to run both combined in my Nissan to reduced trans fluid expense vs. OEM and it runs great.

My wife\"s cool Marquis had torque converter shudder. In 4th gear, under slim acceleration, you can feel it. Top top the advice of folks, ns dropped the pan, replaced the filter and also filled it v Mercon LV. Shudder gone. I understand Ford authorize a company bulletin to this impact for the Crown Vic & grand Marquis cars. My wife\"s car would have actually run Mercon V originally.I perform not know around fluid compatibility - in my case, I cleared the pan and drained the torque converter, i m sorry luckily had actually a plug. What I\"m speak is that LV might be the ideal stuff, even though larger manuals might speak to out V.

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The present Motorcraft auto trans fluid chart mirrors the 4F27E transmission making use of Mercon LV 2000-2013:
It could just be the brand-new fluid, not the type, brand-new fluid is complimentary of the abrasives the old liquid has and that deserve to make a whopping distinction in low fill torque transfer like you explain there. Top top the LV going into also the early on cars that previously supplied V, Ford has simply excellent what lock did prior to with Mercon V as compared to enlarge Mercon. Definition after sufficient time has passed castle drop the correct fluid for that year to walk to a later fluid that is commonly carried in house to be accessible all the time. It definitely didn\"t hurt the the newer liquid was quite a bit an ext expensive than the larger one too. In the case of the V switch from lowly Mercon though Ford little bit itself ~ above the -ss, the brand-new fluid to be supposedly compatible however upon convert to the some numerous cars tore up the Ford itself subbed the liquid on, it turned the end they were not as compatible as an initial thought and also the Mercon V fluid had to be reformulated to where it would certainly interchange with no damage.