My dog ate a candle, what must I do?

If they are choking, call the emergency vet immediately.If they space breathing normally, check the candle ingredients and also then call the vet.They will certainly decide whether to wait and see, prescribe a laxative, or to scan the dog.In extreme situations surgery may be required.

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Let’s look at this in more detail now, and how the relates to the various situations you can come across.

Why do Dogs Eat Non-Food Items?

We love our dogs, in part, because they space so goofy and fun. Nothing is much more entertaining than seeing your canine frolic in the dog park or follow his tail approximately the life room.

Unfortunately, the silly and fun-loving next of her pup can regularly lead come confusion, like when your dog eats your favorite pair of socks or munches top top a couch cushion or two.

Dogs eat some strange things, and if you leave a scented candle on her coffee table, you may soon uncover it missing.

If girlfriend think your dog has eaten a candle, what must you do? Well, we discover just this problem so you deserve to be prepared as soon as the unanticipated happens.

Before we begin looking in ~ candles and also their feasible ill effects during doggy digestion, let’s think about why dogs eat non-food items in the very first place.


Pica is the term used to describe the usage of non-edible substances.

You may have actually heard the word pica in relationship to women who feel an overwhelming urge to eat paper, dirt, chalk, or other items if pregnant.

The odd pregnancy phenomenon deserve to be described by vitamin deficiencies, and also this is one potential reason of the issue in pets as well. Because that example, your canine might eat a non-food items in an attempt to increase their entry of iron.

Increased appetite

A natural drive to eat continuous can produce the issue, too. Part dogs even have certain genes linked to a look at insatiable appetite.

The POMC gene in Labradors is one instance of this, according to research.

Certain metabolic conditions can reason an boosted appetite and lead to the intake of non-food items. Hyperthyroidism is one example, follow to the Merck veterinary Manual.

Other studies display that pica may be a sign of a behavior disorder, and some of these disorders might be caused by early-life stressors like poor socialization.

General boredom and loneliness is other to consider as well. If your canine has tendency to eat non-food items when you room away native home, climate he may have separation anxiety.

What wake up If your Dog Eats A Candle?

So, mine dog ate a candle, what now? Well, friend should recognize some non-food items can cause emergency situations.

You need to quickly evaluate whether or not your canine is choking. If he is, climate seek instant medical attention.

You can also complete the Heimlich exercise if your canine needs aid right away.

If her dog is not choking, then you have to look for indicators of a cradle blockage. In particular, something referred to as a pyloric obstruction can happen soon after ~ a candle is consumed, specifically if the pieces are large.

The pyloric sphincter is the little opening in between the stomach and the tiny intestine.

If an obstruction occurs, climate you may an alert persistent vomiting, abdominal pain, and also restlessness. Fever might be existing after the obstruction develops too.

Fortunately, candle wax is soft sufficient that the is likely to be moved through the pyloric sphincter.

The wax does must make its way through the whole gastrointestinal tract though, and also an obstruction can occur at any suggest as it moves through the tiny and huge intestines.

Are candles Toxic?

You may additionally be wondering, are candles poisonous to dogs? In the vast bulk of cases, the answer is no.

Is wax toxic?

Candles are made mostly out that paraffin wax, however beeswax and also soy wax candles are popular, too.

All candle wax has the same kind of chemistry composition.

Specifically, the is comprised of hydrocarbon chains attached strongly together, much in the same method that plastics and also resins room formed.

Wax cannot be easily broken down and the material is water repellant.

These properties space why the candle wax passes v the cradle tract.

Are various other ingredients toxic?

While wax may not reason an issue, there are various other ingredients in candles.

Many candles space made through additives similar to the ones supplied in perfumes.

These additives, while chemical in nature, are generally non-toxic.

For example, benzyl benzoate is a typical chemical discovered in candle scents. Benzyl benzoate has been shown to have actually low toxicity, even when big quantities room consumed.

The chemistry is additionally used to treat canine parasites.

Food-scented candles regularly contain food-grade additives, similar to the flavorings added to edible food items.

So, these room not walking to reason health issues either.

Are crucial Oils and Wicks A Concern?

Essential oils are problematic and also these oil are provided in some aromatic candles. Tea tree, cinnamon, citrus, sweet birch, wintergreen, and also pine oils space toxic to dogs, according to Dr. Charlotte Finch.

Essential oils space not supplied in candles in big quantities, therefore they need to not reason your dog distress, however it is way to seek aid if friend think the oils have actually been consumed.

You can contact your veterinary or you can call the Pet poison Helpline in ~ 855-764-7661 because that advice.

Some indications of necessary oil poisoning include burned lips and also tongue, lethargy, vomiting, drooling, challenge breathing, and also muscle cramps.

Also, you need to inspect candles that are partially eaten to see if the wick and the steel wick holder are still intact.

The steel wick holder is most worrying due to obstruction issues, but the wick can also get stuck in the intestinal tract.

Seeking Care

Even if you carry out not have immediate concerns around essential oils, wicks, and also metal wick holders, the is still best to seek out care from her veterinarian if her canine eats a candle.

The skilled can usage radiographs to identify, locate, and follow the piece or pieces of candle together they move down into the colon.

The skilled will look because that wick parts and also metal holders together well, just in case your dog really did eat more than simply the wax.

Emergency action

If her vet is maybe to watch the situation, climate he or she deserve to take instant emergency action if over there is a need.

At the first sign of an obstruction, surgical removal have the right to be scheduled as either an endoscopic (flexible scope) or one exploratory abdominal muscle surgery.


A veterinarian have the right to also provide your canine v a laxative to help the item of candle pass with the cradle system.

Fluids deserve to be listed to aid move the wax along, and also IV fluids can assist to mitigate dehydration in vomiting pups.

In part situations, your pet doctor will certainly assess the situation and send friend home. This wake up if over there is a little risk the obstruction.

You will then must watch your canine to watch if candle piece are eliminated within around 48 hours.

This is probably the grossest part of the situation, yet it sure is a relief to check out the wax come the end the various other end!


Preventing Future Candle Eating

So, girlfriend have lastly made it through the treacherous situation and your canine has actually passed the wax pieces. How precisely do you protect against such a stressful case again?

Limit access

Well, the simplest solution is to keep candles and other decorations in areas that are out the reach.

Placing candle on her mantle or a high shelf may be a far better choice than your coffee table.

Once you border access, consider why your canine ate the candle in the first place.

Speak v your veterinarian around blood tests that can be perfect to diagnose vitamin deficiencies and metabolic disorders.

Change behavior

If you think a habits issue is come blame, climate redirect your dog towards appropriate chew toys. There space some yes, really great, entertaining choices to pick from, choose these indestructible toys.

A an ext aggressive exercise routine might be helpful also to tire her pup out and also to encourage hopeful exertion that energy.

If you think separation anxiety is leading to your dog to chew or eat non-food items, then shot crate training.

This can assist your dog feel secure, follow to the ASPCA. The ASPCA also suggests counterconditioning or desensitization techniques.

My Dog Ate A Candle – Conclusion

Our dogs execute some funny things sometimes, and it is up to us, together puppy parents, to number out if ours canines are producing emergency situations.

The eating of non-food items can reason such a situation, or her dog may have the ability to easily happen things prefer candle wax v the digestive mechanism within a few days.

If her dog does eat a candle, the is ideal to seek out emergency care and to do everything in your power to protect against a comparable situation from occurring in the future.

Has her dog eaten one of your favorite candles, or room you right now trying to number out how to obtain your dog to avoid eating non-food items? let us know in the comments below.

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