Toby Keith was only 22 year old on march 24, 1984 when he claimed “I do” come a girl called Tricia Lucus. The two very first met each various other in a nightclub, and dated for three years prior to they chose to tie the knot.

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Even though they were both young once they married, Toby knew he want to invest his life v Tricia, that took his actual last name, Covel. Three kids and 34 years later, the two share a love that must serve as an inspiration to united state all.

To respect this incredible country couple, we’ve gathered increase a grasp of their sweetest photos to share with you. Go listed below to take it a photographic look at at their love story.

Throwback photo With Daughter Shelley

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After your marriage, Toby adopted Tricia’s daughter indigenous a vault relationship, Shelley. The pair went on to have two kids of your own, a daughter called Krystal, who has actually made a surname for herself in country music like her famed father, and also a son, Stelen.

Family picture With Daughter Krystal

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Speaking of your children, the over photo reflects Toby and also Tricia with their daughter, Krystal. From a young age, Krystal started to show an attention in following in she father’s footsteps.

Krystal made her huge stage debut in 2004 when she perform the song “Mockingbird” with her father at the CMA Awards. But she placed her music career on hold per Toby’s request, due to the fact that he want her to go to college first.

After graduating native college, Krystal finally signed a record address Show Dog-Universal. Her first single, “Daddy Dance through Me” to be a chart hit. We’re sure Toby and Tricia room so proud of her!

Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Red Carpet

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Although Tricia doesn’t make plenty of public appearances, she frequently tags along with Toby come attend special events. That’s specifically what she walk in 2011, when she join him top top the red carpet at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Red Carpet.

Tricia has always stood by Toby, even when other world tried to discourage she from law so. beforehand in your marriage, Toby worked in the oil fields to assist support his family. However when the fields dried up, he chose to seek a career in nation music. In spite of the risky nature of make the efforts to do it in the music business, Tricia supported her husband 100%.

Dozens of world told Tricia, ‘You must go tell your old male to get a actual job,’” Toby told Nash country WeeklyIt took a strong-hearted and loving woman to say, ‘He’s good enough at music that I’ve got to let him try. And also it’ll be a good shot for both of us if he deserve to make the work.’

Songwriters room Of reputation Induction

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As we currently know, Toby made it work, and has offered a total of more than 40 million albums worldwide. That received among the greatest honors that his career in 2015, once he to be officially inducted right into the Songwriters room of Fame…with Tricia ideal by his side.

regardless of his rise to fame and becoming one of country music’s biggest superstars, Toby has always found the time to store the romance alive in his marriage.

He has actually his moment of charm,” Tricia told People. “It is nice to gain a ostrich of flowers, yet I’ve called him, ‘Save the money. Roses dice in 5 to 7 days. Purchase me one outfit or take me come dinner.’

Talking around A reason Close To your Hearts

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Knowing what it’s prefer to have to struggle to make ends meet, Toby and Tricia now try to give back as lot as they can. Their best philanthropic endeavor is the OK children Korral, a facility created to carry out a home away from residence for families who have kids receiving cancer treatments.

To respect their philanthropic work, the ASTEC gift Toby and Tricia with the Door-Opener compensation in 2014. The two spoke in a video interview around how much it method to them to have the ability to give back at such a capacity.

It’s been profitable to united state to have the ability to give back, since we were those the were struggling and also looking because that opportunities and also trying to do our means when us were young,” Tricia claimed with tears in she eyes. “We view that daily.

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Despite all of the odds that were against them at first, Toby and also Tricia’s marriage has actually been may be to stand the test of time. Together, they space making a distinction in the resides of others with each passing day. Now that’s true love!