Toby Keith was only 22 years old on March 24, 1984 when he said “I do” to a girl named Tricia Lucus. The two first met each various other in a nightclub, and dated for three years before they determined to tie the knot.

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Even though they were both young when they married, Toby kbrand-new he wanted to spend his life via Tricia, who took his real last name, Covel. Three youngsters and 34 years later on, the two share a love that should serve as an inspiration to us all.

To honor this incredible country couple, we’ve gathered up a handful of their sweetest pictures to share through you. Go listed below to take a photographic look at their love story.

Throwback Picture With Daughter Shelley

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After their marital relationship, Toby embraced Tricia’s daughter from a previous partnership, Shelley. The couple went on to have 2 kids of their own, a daughter named Krystal, that has actually made a name for herself in nation music prefer her famous father, and a child, Stelen.

Family Photo With Daughter Krystal

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Speaking of their children, the above photo shows Toby and Tricia with their daughter, Krystal. From a young age, Krystal began to show an interest in adhering to in her father’s footprocedures.

Krystal made her substantial phase dehowever in 2004 as soon as she perdeveloped the song “Mockingbird” with her father at the CMA Awards. But she put her music career on host per Toby’s request, because he wanted her to go to college initially.

After graduating from college, Krystal finally signed a document attend to Show Dog-Universal. Her first single, “Daddy Dance With Me” was a chart hit. We’re certain Toby and Tricia are so proud of her!

Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Red Carpet

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Although Tricia doesn’t make many public appearances, she often tags alengthy with Toby to attend special events. That’s exactly what she did in 2011, once she joined him on the red carpet at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Red Carpet.

Tricia has actually always stood by Toby, even once various other civilization tried to discourage her from doing so. Early on in their marriage, Toby functioned in the oil areas to aid support his family. But when the fields dried up, he made a decision to go after a career in nation music. Despite the risky nature of trying to make it in the music business, Tricia supported her husband also 100%.

Dozens of human being told Tricia, ‘You have to go tell your old man to get a real task,’” Toby told Nash Country WeeklyIt took a strong-hearted and also loving woguy to say, ‘He’s excellent enough at music that I’ve obtained to let him attempt. And it’ll be an excellent shot for both of us if he have the right to make it work.’

Songwriters Hall Of Fame Induction

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As we now know, Toby made it work, and also has actually marketed a full of more than 40 million albums international. He obtained among the greatest honors of his career in 2015, once he was officially inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame…through Tricia ideal by his side.

Regardless of his rise to fame and coming to be among country music’s biggest superstars, Toby has actually always discovered the moment to keep the romance alive in his marital relationship.

He has actually his moments of charm,” Tricia told People. “It is nice to get a bouquet of flowers, however I’ve told him, ‘Save the money. Roses die in 5 to salso days. Buy me an outfit or take me to dinner.’

Talking About A Causage Close To Their Hearts

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Knowing what it’s prefer to need to struggle to make ends accomplish, Toby and Tricia now attempt to provide back as a lot as they can. Their greatest philanthropic endeavor is the OK Kids Korral, a facility produced to administer a house ameans from house for family members that have kids receiving cancer treatments.

To honor their philanthropic work, the ASTEC presented Toby and also Tricia with the Door-Opener Award in 2014. The 2 spoke in a video intercheck out around exactly how a lot it suggests to them to be able to offer ago at such a capacity.

It’s been rewarding to us to have the ability to give back, because we were those that were struggling and also searching for opportunities and trying to make our way when we were young,” Tricia said via tears in her eyes. “We check out that day-to-day.

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Despite all of the odds that were against them at initially, Toby and Tricia’s marriage has actually been able to stand also the test of time. Together, they are making a distinction in the lives of others with each passing day. Now that’s true love!