Phantom the the Opera’s Original finishing Was Even more Tragic Phantom that the Opera ends through a chase scene, but the original finishing was more powerful and poignant.

six decades prior to Andrew Lloyd Webber make his music adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera, the titular personality was best remembered for his terrifying appearance in the 1925 film. Lon Chaney, very early Hollywood legend nicknamed "Man that 1000 Faces" for the remarkable makeup used in films like London ~ Midnight and The Hunchback that Notre Dame, saved his most iconic makeup as soon as playing the Opera Ghost. In spite of the personality making his mark in cinema history, Chaney"s Phantom received an ending that differed indigenous the resource material.

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The film concludes through an angry mob chasing The Phantom -- real name Erik -- from his lair and also into the streets of Paris prior to killing him. While gift chased through an upset mob ended up being standard in fear movies like Frankenstein and The wolf Man, this finishing was added on after ~ audiences reaction poorly to the original version when shown in previews.

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The first finishing turns out much more like the novel"s end, where the titular personality kidnaps Christine, the mrs he loves, and threatens to punch up the Opera home if she doesn"t get married him. She shows him a moment compassion and agrees, and also her expression the pity opens up Erik"s heart, so the sees the error of his ways. Prior to the upset mob come to the lair, he dies sitting in ~ his body organ of a damaged heart. Despite he did kill people and haunted the Opera House, the lot goes from angry to somber and also pay your respects.

test audiences and Universal photos didn"t favor that the claimed villain of the movie was provided a redemption arc and died peacefully, so they went back to the set to shoot the brand-new climax. Manager Rupert Julian wasn"t also brought ago to straight the scene. Instead, they brought in Edward Sedgwick.

The newly added ending occurs after Christine agrees come marry The Phantom, and he releases she fiancée Raoul de Chagny and Inspector Ledoux from his trap. When they space free, the crowd storms the lair, and also The Phantom bring away Christine on a carriage ride before the mob saves her and get him.

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By removed his redemption, it takes away from what make the novel compelling and made The Phantom one of the most exciting Universal Monsters. Had that ending stayed the means it originally was, that would have actually gone down as one of the many poignant moments in fear movie history.

The Phantom being eliminated in a large action scene ended up being the norm for succeeding adaptations. Finally, in Lloyd Webber"s musical, a comparable ending come the book"s was supplied to redeemed The Phantom. Since then, Erik"s redemption arc has come to be the standard once concluding the story of The Phantom that the Opera.